More Little Darlings in Spring Outfits!

Spring Celebration in Dolltown!


Some of the Little Darlings have come and gone already. 

But no one has found the little birdy Gossamer tucked in the china Easter Egg!

Tink is thrilled with her special Easter Egg dress, and accessorized with the biggest fascinator she could find in the bow basket.

Tink hears a tweet, tweet.

She tracks the sound down to the yellow Easter Egg.

What's inside, Tink?

The little robin!

Look, Xennia!

Tink and Xennia share a lot.

And Xennia loves babies.

Is that a baby robin, Xennia?

Tink is happy to free the birdy.

She wants to go tell her friends about her good deed...

Xennia spots a pretty bonnet!

Yes, go ahead Xennia!

You can put the bonnet on!

Xennia loves this bonnet.

She traveled all the way to Dolltown in it!

It has a feather and flowers!

And is very pretty inside...

No, sorry Xennia.

Today you have to put it back on the bonnet stand!

Go see your friends!

Anna Zoey wears a beautiful, classic checkered dress.

And of course, her bff Pearl got one too.

Very stylish! 

Love the belt and flower accessories!

Off goes Anna Zoey, but Pearl lingers.

Oh, look what Pearl has spotted! The bonnet!

Yes, Pearl, of course you can try it on.

Hi Lula Star!

You've borrowed bjd clothes and you're wearing FDS's shoes. Too cool.

Showing up natty Easter Bunny!

Lula's best bud Scout is wearing a hair ornament! 

Out of her comfort zone!

How do I tell these girls they are the same height?

Who's taller? Depends on your shoes!

Or hmmm, did Scout wear the bow so she would appear taller?

So competitive!

And speaking of competitive, here's the third of this intrepid trio.

Evie, wearing a pair of boots with spats. Someone told her they'd make her run faster!

(Maybe it was me.) Brand new boots, thanks to Maggie!

Ready for action, even in dresses.

See ya, Lula! Going so soon?

I think she heard the call for the Easter Egg hunt.

The what?


You too, Scout?

Just us, Evie?

Scout tells Evie she better go quick...

Thanks, Easter Bunny!

Atta girl, Scout. Gratitude is good!

(That is some head of red you have, Scout!)

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