The City Ellowynes in the Pink Room...

Well, look who came out to play!


It's the City Ellowynes...the group of fashion and business entrepreneurs who are always meeting up with our Dolltown Ellowynes!


Now, Knox isn't anywhere in sight...which is suitable since a bath is happening. He must be close. He's always with the city girls.


The girls are getting changed, and I understand it's for another meet up here in Dolltown.


But it may be gossip... These girls act like adults, doing pretty much what they want without checking with anyone! 


I'll go talk to Miley and see what she has found out. (I asked her to dig up some stories and find out what these girls are up to.)



Well, whatever they are up to next I've done my part by unpacking some fresh clothes for them.

And while Joanie finishes her bath, the rest of the girls could be changing...only a couple of them are ready!


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    April (Friday, 10 March 2017 18:34)

    I love this bathroom! Especially the bathtub!!! Well, you know the girls are at that age when they like to talk "grown up" when they are in the company of each other. I'm sure if you were to question any one of them, they'd suddenly become.....a little girl again. #RememberingMeAsATeenager

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    Jano (Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:40)

    Hey thank you! Yes this a versatile room...we can take the tub out. Love the colors! I have to get some sudsy looking material. This is the second bath we've photographed!
    That is a good idea of course. Just sit them down and ask them! Why didn't I think of that! I like your idea too of asking ONE of them (divide and conquer! :)) #Thiscouldwork!