Little Darlings at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame!

My town is the Canadian Country Music Capital of Canada. Really! So recently, I took four of our Little Darlings to our local Country Music Hall of Fame!


And they wore special rodeo outfits by the talented Carol Pringle, from Texas! We definitely need cowboy hats...and cowboy boots would be great!



We spent a whole afternoon exploring and taking a few photos...


The girls-Lula, Evie, Tink, and Xennia- are standing in front of golden plaques showing the inductees of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame...from Hank Snow to Buffy Saint-Marie.


Not only are there plaques of the Canadian inductees in the Hall of Fame, there are also handprints of country music stars who have performed at the Country Music Festival that takes place in a beautiful valley just outside our town's boundaries...

Lula, our Lula Star, was especially taken with all the stars throughout the hall and asked for several photos!

The girls found ropes, saddles, and old spittoon!

When I told them what it was, Lula had to climb up to peek in and make sure it was clean and empty.

Then, Xennia couldn't resist....

Of course I had to help her out!

I told them the spittoon is used now to collect donations for the live music acts that take place in the hall...

It was a busy tour, and I took one last photo while the girls rested on a red velvet couch!


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    April (Saturday, 25 March 2017 13:30)

    First of all, those little outfits are absolutely adorable! Conner is sitting here looking at the screen asking if I can make her something like it. "I'm sorry, Conner. But I'll make something else really cool for you," I told her. Yes, it's spring, and it's time for me to think about something other than sockwear! Anyway...I love this photo series of the LD's in the museum. If your dolls only know how..well...icky the spittoon was while in use...they wouldn't go near it, let alone jump inside! But looking at this post has me already thinking about next month when I head back to Paris and what I might do with Conner!

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    Jano (Sunday, 26 March 2017 10:13)

    Hey thank you April! This was definitely fun...
    And I love these outfits too! I know we'll get lots of use out of them here in ranch country.
    That is a pretty exciting thought, that you are heading back to Paris! We are putting some thought into our Dolltown Eiffel Tower and where, here, it might go! :)
    But we can't imagine the real thing and such an exciting city! And...Conner there? Wow.
    Now, of course we understand that Conner might stay and hold down the fort with her little buddies there in Detroit. Why, they could probably run their own little sewing room....