Sneak Peek Easter Preview....

Tink is so excited to be our featured girl for March.


And after we finished our pretty knitwear photo shoot, we brought in some Easter props.

As you all know, celebrations start early and we have already been invited to submit some Easter photos...


So, Tink got to be a featured part of the shoot that we will be posting closer to Easter...a whole month away!

(Who's our April girl? You'll have to come back to see...)

We have lots to do in the meantime. But it's nice to have a few photos ready ahead of time!


And yes...those are Peeps the girls are holding. They are very sticky and there was a lot of hand and face washing after I let the girls eat the Peeps. (Sharing with the other girls of course). No use trying to save these sweets for a whole month.


No shelf here can be used for hiding sweets, no matter how high. We have climbers...


Looking very pretty girls!

Now if only the snow would melt, and the crocuses would poke through.

Let's get a move on here, Spring!

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    April (Wednesday, 15 March 2017 18:19)

    I don't know which looks sweeter....the Peeps or your girls! All dressed up in their Easter finest, I can hardly wait to see the entire gang. I'm sure Tink is quite excited as well---after all, it's not everyday a doll gets to be Featured Doll of the Month! But getting back to the dolls and the Peeps....they look so natural together!!!!

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    Jano (Sunday, 19 March 2017 15:06)

    They are sweet! And I have never indulged in Peeps before...but I did have to "help" the girls, of course! Not sure if I would pursue them for myself! lol