Little Darlings Dress Up for a Spring Celebration!

It's Easter time here...

We enjoy a Spring Celebration!

Flowers, bunnies, eggs, babies, sweet treats, and we love an egg hunt!


We decided to have our celebration at the Dolltown River clearing! Ernie and Vikka arrived to get the clearing ready...moving the canoe and laying out the pretty pink quilt. And they brought in our Big Bunny, who came for photos, and stayed when the Little Darlings arrived!

He became a part of the setting! He was climbed on, laid on, and disappeared behind the girls when they all lined up!


The girls are dressed in their finest spring dresses. including our Tomi Janes!

And Xennia got to wear the newest Tomi Jane dress, a lovely checked aqua and white tiered...well here... Just look at the photos! A picture is worth a thousand words!


Thank goodness for these two! How would we ever get events done!

You two should start an Events Planner company!

(Unless it means that I would have to pay.

Wait a minute! I take that idea back!)

Thanks, Vikka and Ernie!

(Vikka, you deserve a rest! Unless you want to go and gather eggs for the hunt?)


Everything looks ready for the Spring celebration...

It's Big Bunny, Easter Bunny, and our two little Christmas bunnies from April!

And Xennia, our girl of the month, is feeling all that in a pretty new spring dress...

All the Little Darlings above are in Tomi Jane dresses. Very pretty, girls!

That's Pearl and Birdy in the blue and red Colorways dresses.

And Lula and Scout in pink and aqua. 

Xennia lies down for  rest after all those photos.

And it gives us a chance to see the little buttons on the back of her dress...


Enjoy the rest of the photo story...words later. 

Here's Tink in a sweet Erin Green dress (also perfect for fall!)

Zoey and Evie arrive with a pretty rainbow bunny gift for Xennia, our LD of the month!

Lucky girl!

(It's not new. The girls just find something that everyone in Dolltown shares, and give it as a gift!

But now, Xennia gets dibs on playing with it. Dolltown rules!)

Awww, little bunny romance!

Rosa arrives, in an Easter bonnet!

And in a pretty dress from Joyce at prairiemoon.

Evie is wearing a favorite Pachom Suesuwan dress.

And Zoey is in this purple beauty from Kathy Groulx at TKCT Crafts....

And here we have Jiyoon in a black and white dress from Sue Toyes at toyestinytreasures.

Faith is in a fashionable blue and white Alison Austin.

And Chantal wears a rose print dress for TKCT Crafts, with a soft pink shrug from Kay Marie Treble.


So, the girls wear a variety of dresses from wonderful cottage industry sources.

The work done is very pretty. I hope to add the sources links.

For most links...hop over to our page, Doll Dressmakers.


And now, you'll excuse us, but the egg hunt is about to start!

Sorry, there are no photos. I got involved myself and forgot!


Happy Easter and Spring from all of us!

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    Carolyn G (Monday, 17 April 2017 12:33)

    Beautiful girls and lovely photos as always Jano. Happy Spring !