Priscilla Gets Stuck!

Gabby got to create a sockwear dress! She stayed behind when the Little Darlings left to get ready for an outing to the Dolltown Cinema!


And one of Gabby's favorite friends, Priscilla, showed up in the Playroom, feeling very grumpy about been excluded from the sockwear fun.

(Excluded? So that's your story again, Priscilla?)


So Gabby decides Priscilla. And get her into a sock. Small detail, Gabby? Scissors! And where did you get that sock?!

So, you can see that Uley showed up, hearing Priscilla's muffled complaints. 

And after being somewhat successful at getting Priscilla INTO the sock, they realized that the lack of head and arm holes (a slight oversight) was causing a BIG problem.


And so they went to fetch Vikka.

Vikka, the Fixer.

Gabby and Uley wanted to get scissors and cut the holes while the sock was over Priscilla's head.

But thankfully Vikka can be trusted to have VERY good sense. Very safety minded (for others anyway)!


So the sock came off. But not before Gabby tried to persuade Priscilla to wear the sock on her head like a hat! She brought Priscilla a mirror though, and Priscilla was not impressed!

Gabby, Priscilla, and her little dolly left, to see if they could go to the movies. Good distraction! 

Vikka's idea? Some dolls are sooo useful!


And then these two cleaned up the Playroom....

Good job!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! (We are busy making popcorn.)




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    April (Thursday, 23 February 2017 15:59)

    Ha ha ha ha!!!! Poor Priscilla. In her own strange way, I can tell she's really trying to fit in. And maybe someday she will succeed!!! Too bad she didn't accept Gaby's advice. The sock hat was not bad at all!