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28. February 2017
It's the Dolltown Ellowyne's out for an evening movie! The children have come and gone...past their bedtime! Eesha, meets up with Wiz, and they get cozy. Then the others arrive... Hmmm...wonder what they saw? La la Land or Moonlight?

22. February 2017
Gabby got to create a sockwear dress! She stayed behind when the Little Darlings left to get ready for an outing to the Dolltown Cinema! And one of Gabby's favorite friends, Priscilla, showed up in the Playroom, feeling very grumpy about been excluded from the sockwear fun. (Excluded? So that's your story again, Priscilla?) So Gabby decides Priscilla. And get her into a sock. Small detail, Gabby? Scissors! And where did you get that sock?!

22. February 2017
Let's stop for a few photos from Conner! Conner has been in Detroit with April at her Design School for Girls for just a few weeks. And she got to collaborate with April on some Valentine fun! She wore her new red and white Tshirt dress with Valentine enhancements, a coat made from a bonnet, and a jaunty beret! And then a white Tshirt with a sock skirt. And look at those socks! And the shoes! And even Teddy got a special outfit! And Conner was immersed in red roses for a beautiful Valentine...

22. February 2017
I just have to post a photo of what happened when one of the boys wanted to join the group photo... After our Valentine Sock Wear Fashion Show last week, I managed to get all the Little Darlings together for a group shot. This is never easy. I don't use stands. And in this shot I had all the front girls balanced and then propped two girls (two!) behind on our metal chair, then popped in a small bench next to the chair, fully expecting everyone to fall and then I would give up and go have a...

19. February 2017
After Oksana's Yoga Classes at the Community Center, the girls picked her up on their way to the movies!

15. February 2017
These greetings went out to friends, family, and to social media...

13. February 2017
Just a note... I know in our neck of the woods it's still the-day-before Valentine's Day. But I have people in Australia! And it's already the big day there... So here we are. Cards tomorrow!

13. February 2017
We did it! We are ready to show the world our Dolltown Sockwear Fashions! Our inspiration is Fashion Doll Stylist, couture fashion for dolls! Okay fine... This is not couture. It's a pair of scissors and some dollar store socks. But we have to start somewhere! And the Little Darlings are over the moon at their accomplishment! And now they can show off their designs! They are waiting in the wings. I can hear their giggles from here... Chantal, our February Valentine girl, and bff Faith start us...

13. February 2017
Just a few photos of Gabby and the boys! Gabby somehow managed to scoop a cute sock and convinced Chantal to make her a "dress"! Pretty funny, Gabby! And these boys saw the muscle shirts on the other boys, and came to Jiyoon's playroom looking for a sock of their own!

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