Little Darlings Sockwear Fashion Show!

We did it!


We are ready to show the world our Dolltown Sockwear Fashions!


Our inspiration is Fashion Doll Stylist, couture fashion for dolls!

Okay fine... This is not couture. It's a pair of scissors and some dollar store socks.

But we have to start somewhere!


And the Little Darlings are over the moon at their accomplishment!


And now they can show off their designs! They are waiting in the wings. I can hear their giggles from here...


Chantal, our February Valentine girl, and bff Faith start us off!



Okay Xennia and Tink!

Before you get too comfy, it's time for our group shot!

Nobody will see your "sock tails"! But it's okay, we got photos!

Come on now girls! All together now!

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    April (Monday, 13 February 2017 18:59)

    Applause, applause, applause.......Bravo!!! Bravo!!!! Encore! Encore!!! What a fabulous fashion show girls!!! We are loving all of the wonderful designs. What an original idea to do BFF pairs!!! What creative the dresses with the ribbon ties in the back! Love the color palette!!! Love the patterns (especially the "Love Me" motif)!!! This is the best Valentine's Day ever....... Love, Conner.

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    Jano (Monday, 13 February 2017 19:26)

    Hi Conner! It's Birdy!
    Wasn't that so fun! We wanted to copy your tshirt dress!
    Yes, we copied each other too! It was fun to think up different ways to use all the cute socks.
    But we weren't allowed to use a needle and thread. We don't know how! lol
    Weren't Tink and Xennia's dresses funny? We all laughed and laughed!
    Chantal and Jiyoon put the ribbons on the sock tails!
    "Love me"! Love us!
    Hugs and kisses from all the girls! Birdy :)