What's up with Conner at the Design School? Lots!

Let's stop for a few photos from Conner!

Conner has been in Detroit with April at her Design School for Girls for just a few weeks.

And she got to collaborate with April on some Valentine fun!

She wore her new red and white Tshirt dress with Valentine enhancements, a coat made from a bonnet, and a jaunty beret! And then a white Tshirt with a sock skirt. And look at those socks! And the shoes!

And even Teddy got a special outfit!

And Conner was immersed in red roses for a beautiful Valentine photo....

Conner shows us the dress form she gets to use to try out some designs.

And the Fashion Doll Stylist designed clothes hangers!

And Conner gets some made just for Little Darling sized clothes...

And we were all so impressed when April and Conner sent photos of Conner's new skill...photography!

How lucky is this girl! Just look at her getting the model ready in her gorgeous gown, and check out..the tripod!

Thanks Conner! Say hi to Fashion Doll Stylist!

We hear April is very busy getting ready for the Academy Awards.

And she says "Fashion month is on!". NY, UK, Milan, Paris...

Check out April's doll fashion site for her latest couture post! Amazing!

Wait! There's a new post on how to make a dress with a train! 

Shhh...don't tell my dolls. Sock wear was enough for now!

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    April (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 19:33)

    Hi everybody. Conner here. I am so grateful to have been chosen for this opportunity. In the weeks since I've been here, I've learn so so so much!!!! Why, I have talents (like photography and makeup) that I never knew I had. I must say, this is such a comprehensive course of study. I thought I'd be learning simple dressmaking. But in reality, there is so much more to this fashion thing! More than you think! The best thing....April lets me design stuff. By the time I finish this course, I'll know everything I need to launch my own business from A to Z! My goal: to become the Coco Chanel of Dolltown!!!