Ellowynes at the Movie Theatre!

It's the Dolltown Ellowyne's out for an evening movie!


The children have come and gone...past their bedtime!


Eesha, meets up with Wiz, and they get cozy. Then the others arrive...


Hmmm...wonder what they saw? La la Land or Moonlight?



After the movie they hung out, deciding where to go next...

Romy suggested a little dancing...

Okay kids, don't stay out too late. (You work right? Right?)


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    April (Sunday, 05 March 2017 12:28)

    Welllllllllll........... They are a handsome bunch. And they are young and beautiful..... It was bound to happen. But.....they have been raised well and I'm sure it's just the effects of spring that has sprung a bit early this year!!! Ahhh...to be young again!!!!

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    Jano (Monday, 06 March 2017 14:08)

    I know, right?
    Now it's movies in our own living room and tapping a foot to good music! lol
    These lucky dolls have been set up inside now. So, more likely to get a change of clothes and be back in the action... I wanted my "doll studio" in the back yard to be my go-to for doll shelves, wardrobe changes, and photo shoots...but a long cold winter and the choice not to heat the studio meant all the doll groups gradually made their way into the house. Where they like it. (Way more random attention!)
    I think they read about your set up.... Maybe even arranged the weather! You think?

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    Sharon in Spain (Thursday, 09 March 2017 13:32)

    Looks like a good time was had by all!
    Did you ever find out which film it was they went to see?

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    Jano (Friday, 10 March 2017 15:36)

    Hahaha! Hi Sharon!
    Well, not sure which they chose (I haven't had a chance to see either myself. Hard to squeeze in those seats. lol)
    But they definitely amuse each other, movie or not!