The Egg Hunt Report!

Bunny has spent a whole year in Dolltown! Last year he decided it was such a great place that he would stay. Except for the times he has to leave to hide eggs all over the world.


Of course he makes time to hide eggs in Dolltown! And this year he hid lots of little eggs in the forest near the river. The children have hunted and hunted for all the eggs they could find!


Here is Bunny with a china egg, full of eggs that the little children found...under leaves, tucked in tree bark, and behind twigs and roots.


And here come the little children...

The little children went to fetch little bags, when Bunny told them they couldn't take the china egg.

He heard them making plans to tape it up and roll it back to Dolltown!

Vera said she would stay and keep an eye on the eggs.

But we noticed she was munching them while she waited... Who wouldn't?

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