Dolls Visit...

How exciting!

Xemena tagged along for a visit to Dong Yun's.

While Dong Yun and I chatted, Xemena explored.


How interesting!

Xemena discovers a beautiful and special doll...

What we don't see here, but Xemena noticed, are several other dolls-golden dolls with bald heads, cross legged dolls holding flowers, even a doll at the entrance to greet visitors.

Xemena returned to Dolltown to share her excitement with her friends. Now I have several more clamoring for visits too!

Xemena finds a beautiful carved wooden scene, then makes her way around the room.

Lots for a dolly to look at!

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    Grace CHO (Monday, 07 March 2016 19:24)

    Hello, Xemena! This is Grace(Dong Yun)CHO. It was nice to see you! hahaha, when did you take the photos? Everything is perfect. The lines on my doll are Jing Luo which connect interiorly with the zang-fu(internal organs) and exteriorly with the body's surface and its extremities. They form a network which links the zang-fu, tissues and other organs. I hope to see you someday soon!

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    Jano (Tuesday, 08 March 2016 12:11)

    Hiya Dong Yun! Thanks for the visit!
    Hahaha! We were quick and quiet with those photos. Surprise!
    I read your comment to Xemena and she thought Jing Luo and xang-fu were more dolls to visit!
    And when I explained more, she asked if your gold doll had super powers then...
    When I explained that we all have those lines she took her own dress off to look.
    Put your dress on, Xemena! Sheesh.
    Phoebe and Ling took her aside to tell her a little more about Jing Luo and "the lines on her body". The other dolls gathered around.
    What is Tink doing with those felt pens and needles? No, Tink!
    I have to go...