Some of my dolls are psychic...

An odd thing about bjd's.... That stands for ball joint dolls, for any newbies to the doll world.


Before I communicated with other doll collectors, and before I started to hang out on bjd Flickr pages and blogs, I imagined that the bjd dolls  I was pouring over, came from A fantasy world, or as Phoebe puts it, a parallel universe. The world created itself in my mind, populated with gods, fairies, elementals, giants, spirits...dolls with special powers or attributes. I started to choose my bjd's to inhabit this world I was imagining.


I discovered that this is common. It's common to place bjd's especially, in fantasy situations (yup, those kinds of fantasies, too. Do glamorous-breasted attributes count as special powers? I'll let you decide). From little large eared elves and winged fairies, to dripping blood fanged grey skinned vampires, to beautiful princesses and irresistible warriors.... I had just jumped aboard a bandwagon.


My other-worldly dolls, though, share space with worldly Barbies, chatty Terri Lees, and Ellowyne entrepreneurs bent on making this world a better place. 


However, some of my not-bjd dollies also have special powers. Like Silent Sam, my mute African beaded doll. And Ernie, my First Nations man. They communicate telepathically, with my Elemental bjd's, and with each other.  Ana, my first absolutely adorable but ordinary Little Darling doll, has somehow picked up on it and is doing her best to tune in...practice, practice, practice.


So, I know it sounds hard to believe, but I think a few of my dolls are psychic and can sometimes read MY mind, which is perhaps how Jack discovered he is not a Real bjd. (See my last post.) Who else would have told him? And I really think it's how I know what my dolls want. They are planting, telepathically, thoughts in my mind. 


I have to stay alert. 


I have to go now. I just had the urge to bring my bjd's out to the porch. Where they can hang out together. While I look for a good source for trendy bjd T-shirts online. And uh, and shoes...


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