New doll from Togo, Africa!

African doll

Okay, so it's not here yet.

This photo is of my only doll from Africa. 


But I am very excited, because my youngest daughter was here today with her good friend, Lindsey. Lindsey is headed back to Togo, Africa, where she is a Recreation Director at a school there. I immediately recognized an opportunity and introduced Lindsey to a few of my dolls. Especially Silent Sam who is beloved here. But let's face it...not a lot of buddies from his home continent. Well, not any. 


And it worked! Seeing the longing in Sam's eyes, Lindsey started to talk about the dolls she has seen in Togo. African dolls. African dolls made by African elders. Blind African elders. I got a little longing in my eyes too, when she told me about these dolls. 


I want one, I think I said.

And I made sure that she has my address.

And I stuck a $20 in her pocket. 

I'm so excited.


I'll check the post office tomorrow. 


Silent Sam is practicing his French, because that's the official language of Togo. But he is also learning some words in "Ewe", which we think might be what his new friend will be talking. Sam is saying, "Hello, cousin".  We are ON this!


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