Danny Choo's Smart Doll Mirai rides on his shoulder

This doll, Mirai, came to mind when one of my readers, okay, my one reader, told me he is thinking of beginning his own doll collection but doesn't know where to start.


(I hope he has a good job. If not, he could start by printing off  a picture, haha...Listen, that IS the beginning of a doll collection. Dollheads like us DO have pictures of dolls on our walls. Haven't you noticed?... "Dollheads"? Is that a thing? ...It is now!)


Mirai is a VERY well known doll in Japan. It is so famous and popular that Japan chose it as their official mascot of Japan tourism. Then Malaysia did. She stars in books and specials on TV, if I have my facts straight.


And Danny Choo designed her. Danny Choo is Jimmy Choo's son. Jimmy Choo the famous shoe designer.


Info straight from Danny's site...


Designed, manufactured and assembled in Japan by a startup called Mirai, Smart Doll is a line of 60cm tall articulated fashion dolls designed by myself Danny Choo. The Smart Doll product is a fusion of art and both modern and traditional molding methods which enables us to create a stylish and fashionable line of fashion dolls for an international market.
The “SM” from “SMART” means “Social Media” while the rest means “ART.”
Smart Doll is art which connects people in ways that an online social media service cannot possibly do in an offline world.

 Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to start?

I am excited about this doll. She has an amazing body structure...check out the stages of her, from skeleton to finished product. Different from even the best bjd's out there.


Mirai is created to appeal to people of all types, genders, and ages. Little kids, cool teens, young women into fashions, 29 year old males,  old lady doll collectors, people from Other Countries. Whether you are a dollhead or not, this is a doll with appeal.


Besides thinking of Mirai for my reader on the lookout for a good startup doll, she also came to mind when I wrote about my dolls coming with me on car rides. Wishing I was braver about having my dolls out in the open. 

Danny Choo walks around his city with Mirai on his shoulder.

Okay, so he wants everyone to have one, or his Kizuna, her friend. 

But I couldn't help thinking of the business potential of having this doll. Imagine, say, Vancouver. Walking downtown, in the business district, in your suit (or on casual Friday in an artsy Tshirt and carrying your skateboard). With Mirai on your shoulder. Doesn't that just scream business opportunity? Can't you just picture yourself signing new contracts, after sharing Japanese beers with potential clients who recognize what an internationally savvy person you are? It's so...respectful.


And having a Mirai dangling from your briefcase or backpack, or with her articulated arm wrapped around your head, I think would give you a kind of street cred. To a variety of humans.  Smart Humans.

And only 60,000 yen  A smart investment at double the price! 

Something to think about.


Not in the city? Maybe you are out in a camp somewhere, working Then it's the casual and useful khaki pants, canvas shoes, and toque she wears, that could be the appeal.... She would fit right in. She would keep you company when you are working in the field, alone, or attract others to your table in the Workforce Dining Module.


Find a cute little pickaxe for her. (She can have a small magnet in her hand so she can actually hold something metal. I know I have convinced you now! Can you send me a picture when you get her? I don't have one yet. A Real Mirai I mean...)


I hope my reader comes back and sees this. And buys one. Danny Choo might notice and send me a free Mirai for my good salesmanship. Can't wait.


If you want to see more photos of Mirai Suenaga, google her. Or go right to the site. I'll make it easy for you...Smart Doll

There. My good deed for the day.


(Hey! I think I may have 2 readers now. So excited! Do friends count? See KP's comment on my 72 Hour post.)


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