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18. November 2015
Before... As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll. She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z live on Amazon
28. September 2015
It's live! ...on Amazon The process is full of steps but , one by one, I took the steps and uploaded the children's learning book I was working on. Now, I think it still needs a few tweaks but completing a process was important so I could see what one has to do.... I used a free Amazon program called Kindle Kid's Book Creator, that promises an easy process to publishing. And I used the Comic Life program to create the individual pages. The photo shoot was fun, with some additions and deletions...

03. September 2015
UFDC 2014 Ana cloned from this original... Last year Dianna Effner created a Little Darling doll to honor the First Nations. The theme was "Shared Passions". The factory paint doll is still available on the UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs) website. This dolly was shipped back and forth from China until the company, who made a number of the dolls in a limited edition, had all the details right, to Dianna's satisfaction. Ana is a lovely doll and this original is a beauty. She looks a lot...