Doll Romance...what's up with that?

Here are all four dollies hanging onto the dashboard on the drive through the mountains!

Well, Matt heard that Aunt Jacalyn was taking along a brand new out-of-the-box Barbie on her trip to Salt Spring Island. And new Barbie has two dogs. Matt loves dogs. So he snuck into Ana and Tink's dolly bag....

By the time Auntie Jackie discovered the stowaway it was too late. They were on the road. (From the bag, Tink's little voice...Auntie Jackie, can we come out now? Please? There might be a moose beside the road!) So, Matt got to come out of the bag not long after their departure.

And sure enough, there was a pretty blonde to keep company. And dogs to play with. Matt got to enjoy the drive through the mountains, the ferry ride, walks along the beach. And a memorable campfire evening after Ana and Tink had gone to bed.

These photos below are very dark!

Matt and Barbie seemed to be moving

farther away from the light.

"Where are you two?" Aunt Jacalyn had to call. 

The humans paid little attention to the dolls at the campfire. They had their own fun happening. And, after all, the little ones were in bed.

And Barbies are adult dolls.  They can make their own choices. Well, up to a point. (Exactly how did Matt get into that bag?)

Never mind that Matt has a girl at home that he is fond of.

He wanted an adventure.

Nobody talks much about the morals of dolls. Dolls seem to go by their own rules. Sometimes even avoiding the standards that their own humans go by.

Doll owners can become a little confused.  (And ask questions like...Did I leave those dolls naked again? I thought I dressed them!)

But however the doll morals issue plays out, we do know that Matt and Playtime Barbie, as he discovered her name was, enjoyed their island holiday immensely.

And we also know that Matt has been doing a lot of texting since he got home, with a smile lingering around his doll mouth.

And he asks, when I go out to the Doll Studio, where he lives in his basket, if Aunt Jacalyn and her dolly and dogs are coming by...

What's it to ya? I say, a little shortly. Checking the expression of our own pretty blonde Barbie beside him.

I am a little confused...

I want my dolls to be happy.

Sometimes that means sorting out my personal moral compass,

and checking if it, in any meaningful way, applies to Dolls.

And...which dolls?

(No, not Witch Dolls! Don't further muddy the muddy water. We are struggling here.)

I'll let you know when I have resolved this moral issue.

And in the meantime I'd better go and check The Others.

Now THERE'S a group that dances to the beat of a different drummer, morals wise.

It's all I can do to keep up.

We are talking having to dress dolls Every Morning.

I'm just saying....

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