Birdy Visits the Arts Gallery!

Birdy's ready for Christmas!

So our little early bird got to visit our Pop Up Gift Shop at our little local Art Gallery!


While the rest of the girls were meeting up on their way to to get Christmas ready, Birdy was lucky to get popped in our satin dolly travel bag and taken to the old Courthouse.


And there she enjoyed silk flowers, winter photos, a deluxe bird house, shell wreaths, and the best of all...


Little white felt birds!



She doesn't know it, but one of those little birds is coming home to Dolltown!

A Christmas memory gift for Birdy and the girls!

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    April (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 12:44)

    There's that smile that instantly brightens up a room!!! Birdy looks so at home in that Arts Gallery! What a good idea to have her show off the best of the Christmas fair!! AND....she looks so stylish in that adorable little coat and dress! I have a feeling she is going to absolutely LOVE that cute little felt bird!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 12:49)

    Hey April!
    Yes it was so fun to take Birdy for a first look. The others just weren’t ready! Too fun hanging out in Jiyoon’s Playroom!
    But Birdy knew just what to pick...
    So good to hear from you! You have been sewing up a storm!