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Little Darlings · 03. December 2019
Little Darling Birdy is ready for Christmas! So she got to visit our Pop Up Gift Shop at our little local Art Gallery! Silk flowers, wreaths, little felt animals, and white birds...

01. August 2016
Tonner American Model Glamour Too, our Arlen, is joining Birdy and her friends for the birthday party. And Birdy and Rosa have befriended the birthday birds.

06. July 2016
Evie got to come along to our little Pop Up Shop. While I was busy, she noticed some cute dollies, called "garden fairies", made by a local artist! Oh yes! I''l go along with that! Go ahead and choose., Evie...

03. May 2016
Oiya! Late again! Our little Heidi Pluszcok also missed the girls' group Valentine's photo. She was outside hunting for bird's eggs with Uley. This time she missed the group photo with Asa while she helped Uley get ready for a roadtrip with Auntie Mischelle. Oiya and Uley...perhaps a new bond I hadn't noticed? Both active and funlovers...who knows?