The Little Darlings Are All Christmas Dressed!

Well, we have to get you three out of your Halloween and school clothes.

Jiyoon and Maggie will show you what's available now, after all the choices.

Evie and Scout have found their dresses.

And Lula looks like she's eyeing the pretty red and gold dress at the top of the dress form!

Yes! She's got it!

It's a pretty Erin Green dress that the girls here at Christmas time.

Let's see how it looks!

Splendid, girls!

Lula Star, you look beautiful!

All of you do!

Let's get moving...

Jiyoon looks at the Playroom floor.

Lots to clean up, girls!

I'll call for help so you and Maggie can get ready yourselves. You look like you need a pretty ribbon. Maggie too!

The rest of the girls are waiting!

When the Playroom is cleaned up, and the Library decorated we will almost be ready!


The girls, of course, will have their photos taken before the parties begin!

So, a hair brushing here, a fancy ribbon there...

Still so much to do!

Dolltown at Christmas, fun!

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