Birdy Gets a Spring Outfit from Maggie and Kate Create!

Spring? It's January!


But Little Darling Birdy got a wonderful surprise!


A beautiful spring outfit from Maggie and Kate Create, a doll clothes design duo on everybody's wish list. Well, ours anyway!


When Maggie posts that they have new outfits available, I go to check. But the outfits are usually already sold! This time not only was my timing perfect, but the outfit was perfect for Birdy! I did not hesitate...


And here it is. Birdy gets to try it on, even though it's January and there's still snow on the ground outside!

Some of the girls are still wearing their Christmas dresses. 

All the decorations are put away.

But there isn't enough snow to get dressed for a Snow Day.


I call Birdy to see the box opened... Exciting!

Boots, too! The girls love boots and look at these colors!

Yellow is Birdy's favorite color...

Yellow boots, yellow flower on the hat, and even yellow tissue!

Birdy unwraps a bright yellow sweater.

And one of Maggie and Kate's iconic layered skirts...

And leggings and a pendant!

Happy girl!

Looking good, Birdy! Don't forget the hat!

A complete outfit from head to toe!

Wait till the other girls see it!

Of course they'll all want to share.

But for now, with Birdy's soft teal eyes, and her love of bright yellow, it's perfect for her... 


Thanks, Maggie and Kate! From all of us!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Sunday, 02 February 2020 13:02)

    Oh Birdy....could it be that you look so good in yellow because of your name? You looks so very, very pretty in your brand new outfit. That yellow sweater and matching shoes and hat are so stunning on you. And that little skirt is to die for! I can't imagine this outfit looking this good on anyone else! Something tells me this is your new favorite outfit!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Monday, 03 February 2020 12:07)

    Oh yes, we do have our favourite dress designers, including you!!
    This was a great find, at the right time, when my defences were down...lol. We can be very good at “making do” here in Dolltown, and getting creative, like our sock Valentine fashion year! Your inspiration. ��
    Hmmm...Valentines Day coming. Now what!?