Little Darling Beach Day!

Birdy and bff Rosa are ready for our Beach Day!


Just in the nick of time before school starts! The girls have been playing in the garden, running through sprinklers, making mud pies in the garden, climbing the trees to get to the bird houses, shaking down the plums and pears.

But finally we packed up ready for a whole beach day.


Of course that means "photos first"...


So here's the Little Darlings, ready for some beach fun.



Anna Zoey


Tink and Xennia






Lula Star


Okay! We are going to stop here for now.

Two reasons!

Where did Tink and Xennia go in such a hurry? They didn't even stay for their own photos! I'm suspicious!

Also, where are Gossamer and Indira? 

Nowhere to be found!

I hope someone's watching over them!

Gotta go and leave these girls in the skinny hands of our Monster High Life Guards!


"We'll lifeguard for you!", said the Intrepid Trio.


Ummm, thanks!

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    April (Wednesday, 25 September 2019 19:20)

    OMG...... those little bathing suits and beach wear are all sooooooooo cute!!!!! The girls could really put on a style show right there on the beach!!!! Have fun girls. It's Fall over here!