Little Darling Friends...Christmas 2019


Christmas 2019, the Little Darling friends!


Let's get some photos in Lee's Library, all decorated for the festivities!


Aira has brought all the girls to Dolltown Abbey for the parties.


While they are hanging up their coats and putting their party shoes on, Aira has a short rest in Lee's library, all decorated by the other Iple girls, and Vikka.

And ready for photos!


Nice, eh Aira?


Birdy, the early bird, ready first again!

And not far behind, Rosa...

Birdy is so glad she has such a BFF in Rosa!

Let's see some more good Little Darling friends in Dolltown!

And I will take lots of photos while you girls all look so Christmas lovely!

BFF's Lula, Scout, and Evie

Lula Star



BFF's Chantal and Fig



BFF's Anna Zoey and Pearl


Anna Zoey

BFF's Indira and Gossamer



BFF's Tink and Xennia



BFF's Jiyoon and Maggie



Dolltown Little Darlings 2019

All friends! Fun!


Now when does the Christmas Party start?

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    April (Wednesday, 01 January 2020 09:59)

    Although I’m a little late, I wish to extend my warmest holiday wishes to all my favorite little residents of Dolltown. You all bring such a smile to my face each and every time I see a post from you!