Lee's Library for the Dolltown Christmas Parties!!

And the news? The surprise? The unexpected?


Iple Lee offered up his private library to the Dolltowners for Christmas parties!



It is a surprise to be invited there, for Christmas, for celebration, for crowds of Dolltowners - because Lee just doesn't do that....

(The children have only been to the library once, I think? Unless they have snuck in while visiting the other Iples at Dolltown Abbey! Better not! I tell them!)


This is a no-go zone! Lee's man-cave. Only Monster High Catrine DeMew comes and goes from there as she pleases, and only because she is...very quiet.

.And, well, his library is very small!

I'm not sure how we will all fit in!


But don't look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say...


Part of what is surprising is, we didn't even know Lee was back in Dolltown! We haven't seen him for months, it seems! He's always away on business. At least that's what the Iples all tell us. Asa is, of course, in charge. (Although we haven't seen her in ages either, come to think of it! Maybe now!)

Lee asked Vikka to spread the news, and is encouraging more decorations!

He even provided a beautiful tree...

Off Vikka went to let the Dolltowners know...

Lee had no intention to stay himself. 

He fills the room! There would be no space.

He stays long enough to fill the candy dome.

And Catrine, who had been sleeping behind his chair, asked for a lift to some other quiet space.

It's not long before Vikka is back, with Violet, Odelle, and some decorations they have gathered from Dolltown Abbey attic.

And Sparkle Nutcracker arrives, to take up his station, along with Little Buddy Sparkle.

The girls get busy. It's almost time for the festivities to begin!

Way to go girls!

Once again, you have done a wonderful job of prepping fun for everyone else!

Vikka, you too. Always a help. Always at the ready...


Maybe you could go tell Aira and the Little Darlings that the library is ready for photos?

Thank you so much!

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