Little Darling Beach Day, Part Two!

We found the missing Little Darling bff's!


Now we can have some swimming fun, with our Monster High Lifeguards keeping all the girls safe! 


Where were the missing girls?

Well, we discovered Xennia and Tink up to mischief!

We caught them earlier in the summer at the top of our garden chiminea!



The first time, they were sent to their room, and given a lecture about safety and the dangers of dolly scrapes, scratches, and broken limbs. 

But here they were again, at the base of the chiminea, ready to climb!


Fun overrides safety with these two...

After a talking to, I picked them up by the scruffs of their little necks and brought them back to the beach...

 For more fun!

But under the watchful eyes of our two MH Lifeguards...

And all the rest of our Little Darlings!

And we picked up Gossamer and bff Indira, waving to passersby in the front yard...

How nice! How friendly!

But now they must get a lecture, on the dangers of abduction!

Later though. 

For now, Scout, with the long red hair, is checking out Gossamer,

with her silvery long locks.

They bond, chatting about tangles, and the best hairties for silky hair.

This is Gossamer's first Beach Day in Dolltown.

The girls share memories of last year's day at the Ocean Beach!

Then Lula says, "Time for a swim!"

Go for it, girls!

The Monster High lifeguards are back at their station.

Xennia and Tink are with us, where they should be.

And everyone plays in the warm summer sun...

See MH Catrina DeMew chatting with...her bff?

They have a little time because all the Little Darlings are playing nicely!


Uh oh!

Aira has arrived. And that means our Beach Day is done!

"Time to get ready for school!", Aira says.

I can't say the Little Darlings ran to get their school garb on, but Aira did manage to get them back to our studio, with all the sand brushed off their feet.


And I have their fall plaids laid out...


Now, back to our previous story to add the girls' names!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Friday, 27 September 2019 11:33)

    Well, the girls really cannot complain. They've had extra time to enjoy the last of summer. Conner is looking at this feeling a little left out. No beach, no bathing suit for her. But, as I explained....she gets to go to Paris twice a year, instead!!!! Okay so now that little smile is back!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Monday, 30 September 2019 18:08)

    Hahaha! Yes, Paris a good and tantalizing comparison!
    No, no reason to complain! Just reasons to get them all into their next seasonal clothes! lol Soon...