Fig and Chantal Visit the Art Gallery

While the rest of the girls were getting all dolled up in Christmasy dresses, Fig and Chantal slipped out with me to do a shift at our Arts Gallery.


In the satin bag they went and didn't pop their heads out until we were in the festive gallery...


Here's an artsy photo of the girls with our new "portrait" setting on our phone camera.


And you can see why the girls are clamoring to see the Gallery...this year the colors of our special winter show are pink, white and gold!


The girls found bead jewelry, pink trees, quilted winter bags, and paintings of bears. 


They found their favorite colors in watercolor paintings and felted scarves!

Look! Birds in tree quilts, and creature angel tree toppers! Fig and Chantal couldn't wait to get back and share what they saw at the gallery!

The girls found the bird basket that Birdy told them about! But instead of little white birds there were red birds, and red and black, and brown! And they were all very noisy!

And look who they found in the felted wool!

Gossamer, standing as still as a doll can!

Where did she come from, and how long has she been here? It's a mystery...

And what a pretty dress she got to wear!

The three little girls shared all their stories about their gallery adventures with Violet when they returned home. But Gossamer wouldn't tell her secret, how she got to the gallery all by herself...

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  • #1

    April (Sunday, 22 December 2019 17:04)

    Leave it to your precious Darlings to steal the show!!! That little pixie hairdo on Fig is as cute as it can be!!! Again, I'm telling you, your girls can sell ANYTHING simply with their smiles and those great big eyes !!!! As far as Gossamer is concerned... I'm guessing she hitched a ride somehow.... or perhaps a stowaway in a neighbor's car. Hmmm.....could she have simply walked????

  • #2

    Jano (Monday, 23 December 2019 11:38)

    Hey April!
    Yes, Fig is a cutie in that pixie do.
    Stowaway, hmmm. Possible.
    Possible that she traveled by magical transportation? I wonder about Gossamer...
    Hard to keep an eye on her. lol