November Little Darling Meet Up!

Fig is waiting for her friends.

They are on their way to Dolltown Abbey and this is a favorite stop near the cozy farmhouse. 


We like it as a meet up place because we have Dolltowners staying at the farm, peeking out the window to make sure the children are safe and no one runs off into the snowy woods after a bunny or a fox.


But all the girls are on a mission...

Christmas dresses!


Jiyoon has invited her bff Maggie, and Fig here, Chantal, Pearl, Anna Zoey, and the other Little Darlings to get dressed up for Christmas time.


And this meet up place is half way to the Iples home, Dolltown Abbey, where Jiyoon will lead her friends to her Playroom...


Where is everybody, Fig?


First to meet up are Maggie and Jiyoon!

The girls have been busy at school, studying their dictionaries and atlases, spinning their globes...

And here's Chantal, just finished her singing lessons.

Fig greets her bff...

They all talk about their favorite Christmas songs while they wait.

Joy to the World! Jingle Bells! 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Fig and Chantal are going to perform one of the favorites in a Christmas Concert!

Better get those pretty dresses on!

Vikka arrives to hurry up Jiyoon and Maggie,

so they can get the Christmas dresses ready in the Playroom.

Vikka says the Iple girls have laid out the choices!



Fig and bff Chantal wave to their buddies, and wait for who's next.

It's Anna Zoey and Pearl!

They've come straight from school too! Math and music classes...

The girls are all learning to read music at school.


There's lots of chat with music expert Chantal about 4/4 time, quarter notes and half notes.

Anna Zoey is amazed at how mathematical music is!

 Who knew, she says!

Fig, Chantal, Anna Zoey, and Pearl wait together for more Little Darlings to join them on the path.


Should we wait too?

Or should we follow Jiyoon and Maggie to the Playroom, to see the Christmas dresses?

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Saturday, 07 December 2019 06:53)

    Oh... so nice to see my favorite friends all dressed up in their deep Fall fashions. Love love the vibrant colors, the plaids, the brightly toned stockings with matching shoes. And so, you say, they’re going to look at Christmas dresses down the road. How wonderful. By the way, Conner says hello. We’re both just getting back from Paris. She’s got photos to share! Big kisses. April

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 18 December 2019 22:12)

    Hey April!
    Glad you are home but I bet you and Conner have stories to tell!
    Can't wait to hear! And we all look forward to your photos!
    And we all look forward to ALL our Christmas dressing up! Fun!