Tree Climbing with Indira and Gossamer

Gossamer and Indira take part in a Dolltown tradition, tree climbing in the garden!


A favorite tree to tackle is the apple tree with baskets and leather work hanging from the branches...


Many of the Dolltowners have climbed this tree because it has structures close by to scramble up to raech the many branches.


The two Little Darlings in their jeans and sweaters embark on the adventure!


Hold on tight, girls!

We don't want ANY scratches!

Hang on!

What! A moose?

A moose in a basket in a tree?

Now there's something you don't see very often!

The girls were VERY excited to see a moose up in the apple tree!

So, they ran in to tell me all about it!


So sweet. Of course, it was me who put the surprise in the tree basket for the girls to find!

Now they'll go back to the other Little Darlings to recount the story. Fun!

Now, I better get that moose down before it starts to rain!

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    April (Thursday, 31 October 2019 14:37)

    Ha ha ha!!!! Well, the moose was a VERY nice touch. Your girls have so much energy!!!! I guess you were not able to stop them from climbing!