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Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls: A Definitive Identification & Price Guide Paperback – Sep 2006 $9.98


Customer Review by Pen Name Whether you have an antique china head doll or a vintage GI Joe, this Guide to Dolls is an identification and price guide that's worth having. It seems to replace the Blue Book of Doll Values that Jan Foulke has become known for. (Her last Blue Book was the 16th edition.)However, don't let the name of the book fool you, it is just as comprehensive as the Blue Books and is still packed with a lot of photos to help you identify your existing dolls (or those you may be considering purchasing). The first few pages cover doll collecting in general -- what to look for. Ms. Foulke then provides a few brief suggestions for buying and selling dolls at auction before getting into the meat of the book--the price guide.

The book lists dolls by manufacturer and by mold number in case that's all you have to go by. Each doll or type of doll includes a reported price or price range for a doll in good condition.

Whether you are an avid doll collector or someone just trying to clean out the attic, you may want Jan Foulke at your side before buying or selling your dolls.


I am excited this book is in the mail!

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It should take you to the Patsy Moyer's book,on Amazon.

How to Be a Doll Detective Paperback – Jan 2002


Doll Books!

The Hand-Me-Down Doll

by Steven Kroll

Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

$1 Kindle

$10.79 Hardcover

Age level 5-8


A beautiful doll with long, dark curls and a velvet coat has been passed from owner to owner: a spoiled little girl, a farmer and his wife, a woman who works the ring-toss booth at a county fair, a chauffeur, a waiter, and a dirty-faced boy. Keep me and love me and give me a name, begs the doll. Finally, her luck changes when she meets a little girl who appreciates her and takes her home. Originally published in 1983, the slightly shortened text is beautifully interpreted in Dan Andreasen's nostalgic oil-painted illustrations.


This book has good reviews and a lesson about kindness.

Doll School: Design a Day of Learning and Play (American Girl Truly Me)

by Emily Osborne

Paperback $10.82US


From the summary:

This kit gets an A+ for fun! Great crafts and super supplies let you and your doll create a spectacular school day together, and colorful craft scenes put your doll in every school setting -- they include a playground, cafeteria, art room, science fair, music room, library, gym, locker room, classroom, and school photo day. The kit contains a 32-page book, 6 sheets of punch-out card stock for a crayon box, school supplies, a sketch book cover, composition notebooks, a color wheel, library cards, a locker mirror, a periodic table, folders, a milk carton, mouse pads, and library book covers. Plus, 3 sheets of paper for a world map, a doll-sized piano, and a finish line banner; 2 sheets of stickers for computer screens, keyboards, locker magnets, stars, and field-day shirt stickers; 1 large sheet of paper for a doll-sized locker and shelf; 3 sheets of fun paper for friends -- photos, photo tip sheet, sheet music, math flash cards, library poster, lunch menu, school picture day poster, library due-date cards, and math certificates


Sounds like fun!

And perfect to get in the mood for school!.



Madeline 16" Doll




From the summary:

Removable blue fleece coat, blue and white school dress, white gloves, yellow felt hat with grosgrain ribbon trim
Even comes with an embroidered appendix scar
Blush cheeks, famous red yarn hair, socks and shoes
Inspired by the classic storybooks by Ludwig Bemelmans and John Bemelmans Marciano


From a purchaser:

I love this doll! It is intended as a companion to the Madeline storybook, as a birthday gift to a neighbor's daughter, who is learning to read, and loves the story of Madeline. Thank you so much! :)

A Madeline Treasury: The Original Stories by Ludwig Bemelmans Hardcover

$25.59US Hardcover


Celebrate 75 Years of Madeline!

From the summary:

Here, collected in one handsome volume, are all the adventures of Madeline, a fearless little girl full of mischief and vitality who is one of the world’s most popular and beloved fictional characters. Madeline, which was first published in 1939, and its five sequels have charmed generations of readers, and become true classics. In each of these books, Bemelmans’ humorous verse, his immortal characters—Miss Clavel, Pepito, the magician, the others—and his wonderful, whimsical drawings of Paris combine to create a memorable reading experience for people of all ages.


Queen of Africa Dolls

Queens of Africa Dolls...

A gorgeous doll for empowering young girls to embrace their culture, the power of education, and a hope for their future.




From the summary:

Queens of Africa dolls are made for children and young teens who love fashion, playing with friends and sharing imaginative adventures. What's more, they're also a chance for parents to help their kids embrace their historic roots and to share in the amazing cultural experience that Africa offers today's global community. More than just a black doll for girls, our heritage collection is a true lifelike representation of young, powerfully educated women who love embracing life, friends and their share of fun!

Queens of Africa...Nneka



About Nneka - Queen of Africa Doll

The Nneka Doll represents the Igbo (or Ibo) ethnic group of Nigeria. Her name means "Mother is Superior" and she is blessed with beautiful, honey brown skin, a strong connection with her culture, and a love for science! More than anything, Nneka loves to solve puzzles, reading novels and discovering historical writings. Her favorite subjects are social studies, physics and chemistry and she plans one day be a Chemical Engineer or a Chief Urban Planner; when she's not producing short plays! Always smiling and cheerful, Nneka enjoys making friends and sharing joyous moments together. Naturally imaginative and curious, Nneka's loveable personality is magical.

Queen Azeezah



Queen of Africa Doll, Azeezah, is from the Hausa ethnic group of Western Africa. Her name means "Esteemed, Precious, Cherished". Blessed with rich deep brown skin, striking looks and a love for art, Azeezah loves to express herself creatively. She loves making art, writing and singing. She loves to debate and doesn't shy away from a challenge. Her favorite subjects are Fine Arts, Agricultural and Natural Sciences. She cares for others and would love to be a doctor and a human rights activist. Azeezah's adorable nature makes her school mates and friends love her. ***The Azeezah Doll Playset consists of the Azeezah doll, an outfit, jewelry accessories, a bag, a pet dog and an ownership booklet and information card on back of packaging. *We believe that toys influence how kids view and relate to themselves and each other.

Queens of Africa...Wuraola



 From the summary:

The Wuraola Doll represents the Yoruba ethnic group of Africa. Her name is means "Gold/Precious Wealth". Blessed with golden brown skin, attractive looks and a love of movement, she loves to dance. She loves numbers and is fascinated by world economies. Her favorite subject is Mathematics, Economics and Accounting. She believes in financial literacy and wants to be the President/CEO of her own investment company. ***The Wuraola Doll Playset consists of the Wuraola doll, an outfit, jewelry accessories, a bag, a pet dog and an ownership booklet and information card on back of packaging.



Make Felt Dolls!

My Felt Doll: 12 Easy Patterns for Wonderful Whimsical Dolls

by Shelly Down

$9.75US Kindle

$15.99US Paperback


From the summary:

Sewing soft dolls has never been easier with these adorable patterns from Gingermelon designer Shelly Down!


The eagerly anticipated first book by popular toy designer Shelly Down, My Felt Doll shows sewers of all abilities how to make adorable soft dolls using the most basic of materials and skills.


With just felt sheets and a handful of simple notions, you will learn how to sew the simple yet delightful doll pattern and then discover 11 imaginative variations on the design, plus over 40 accompanying accessories – from a mermaid to a witch, from a princess to a superhero and from a ballerina to a bride – guaranteed to delight little girls everywhere.


With no hems to sew and all the stitching done by hand, My Felt Doll makes a great entry point to sewing dolls for beginners and even children.


Full-size templates make life easy – trace straight from the page with no need to enlarge.

Sew Dolled Up: Make Felt Dolls and Their Fun Fashionable Wardrobes with Fabric Scraps and Easy Hand Sewing

by Boutique sha

$14.95US Paperback


From the summary:

Sew Dolled Up is a crafter's delight. With over 75 contemporary projects, you'll have hours of fun creating an entire set! Learn how to make adorable small dolls, perfect for a dollhouse, and all the outfits and accessories that go along with them.

Every project is made from inexpensive, cut felt and uses easy, hand-sewing techniques that are clearly illustrated in step-by-step instructions. Each of the patterns for the dolls and clothes are provided in the book and most are fully customizable! It's so easy to make hundreds of modern and fashionable dolls from scratch and with love.

Not only fun to make, but fun to play with, these dolls will provide hours of endless imaginitve(sic)  doll-house play or can be used as decorative ornaments or sweet gifts.



Doll books! The Surprise Doll & Babushka's Doll

The Surprise Doll, 60th Anniversary Edition

by Morrell Gipson

$6.55US Kindle

$12.76US Hardcover


Summary of the book:

For more than half a century children have been captivated with the story of Mary and her dolls. Mary’s father was a sea captain who took long trips across the ocean, bringing back a doll from each journey. Soon Mary had six dolls and wished for a seventh one to become her "Sunday" doll. But Mary’s father said six dolls were enough for any girl, so she set off to visit the Dollmaker and, oh, was she in for a surprise!

Now available in its original, full 46-page format.


From a review:

The book is an excellent quality hard-back edition, whereas my original in childhood was the regular "Little Golden Book" binding. I was so glad to find the 60th anniversary edition so that I can share it with the young children in my extended family.

Incidentally, having this book as a child led to my interest in geography and having social studies courses as favorite subjects in school.

Babushka's Doll

by Patricia Polacco

$13.88 Kindle

$8.99 Paperback

$16.95 Hardcover


From the Summary:

Natasha isn't really a bad girl. It's just that she wants to play on the swing now, not after the wash has been hung up to dry. And she wants her soup now, not after the goats have been fed. Looking after Natasha keeps Babushka, Natasha's grandmother, very busy. 
Then, after lunch, Natasha notices a doll sitting on Babushka's shelf...a doll Babushka tells Natasha she played with just once when she was a little girl. When Natasha plays with the doll while Babushka goes to the store for groceries, she discovers why once is enough with Babushka's doll...and finds out just how tiring it can be to take care of a child who wants everything now.


From a review:

Babushka's Doll is one of my favorite Patricia Polacco books. As an elementary school teacher, I love to read a loud to the children every day. The children love this book. It is a pedagogical story of a girl who acts impatient and selfish with her grandma, her "Babushka", and the lesson she learns in this dimension. It is a multicultural tale, and it is very easy to be dramatic and use character voices when telling the story. I have read this story hundreds of times. Enjoy it! It is a gem in your home or classroom library.


Dolly Dingle Coloring Books!

Dolly Dingle Anti Stress Coloring Books for Adult Relaxation and Dingle Paper Doll Cutouts Color


60 pages/28 Themes

by Grace Drayton



(Does not ship to some Canadian locations)


From the Product Description

It's time to be calm! This 'Dolly Dingle' coloring book invites you to relax and explore the intricate and exquisite world of stress mending circular whimsical art. Stroke by stroke, shade by shade, tension and worries fade away as you transform its black and white lines into your own unique, personal and beautiful keepsake art piece. Also, you can play with paper Dingle dolls after you finished coloring. **Grace G. Drayton was an illustrator who created popular period comics Dolly Dingle and The Pussycat Princess. She created the "Campbell Soup Kids" advertising campaign and is probably best known for her popular Dolly Dingle paper dolls in the women's magazine Pictorial Review.




Dolly Dingle Stress Relieving Coloring Postcards Set...etc

40 Postcards



(Does not ship to some Canadian locations)



From a review:

What an amazing deal for the price...40 postcards plus 4 pages of stickers, a totally different idea to color and personalize set of adorable dolls. I have always loved the "Campbell's Soup Kids" with their innocent chubby faces, so this caught my eye immediately. The paper is of a heavier weight, perfect for laying down and shading both pencil and pen easily. The added stickers are a lovely compliment to further personalize each picture. I am thrilled with my purchase, just what I needed to help me get through a cold Buffalo winter. In fact, I loved this so much that I am going back and purchasing the other book of dolls and their accompanying outfits. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this set to both beginner and advanced artists!!


Dolls! Ever After High's Spring Unsprung...

Learning about Ever After High...Info from Amazon write ups...

Springtime is an epic time to start a new chapter at Ever After High, where the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytales decide whether or not to follow in their parents’ fabled footsteps.

Ever After High Spring Unsprung  Cerise Hood 



From the Amazon summary:

Cerise Hood, the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, is fiercely fashionable in a cherry blossom-themed top with wicked cool black and white checks to symbolize winter’s end and fableous cherry details to represent the start of spring.


  • Cerise Hood doll is spellbinding in her outfit from the Spring Unsprung movie
  • She is wearing a cherry blossom-themed top designed by Lizzie Hearts with wicked cool black and white buffalo checks
  • A hexquisite flowered hairpiece and necklace, cherry blossom-decorated leggings, spelltacular flowered boots, a silvery bracelet and flower adorned bag
  • Comes with flower-decorated ring for the girl lets her wear Spring Unsprung fashions
  • A display stand and doll hairbrush extend play and display opportunities with this poseable doll

Learning about Ever After High...Info from Amazon write ups...

Spring is the season for the Spring Fairest, a spellebration of renewal and creativity. Each year, a fabulous fair is raised at Ever After High, and the girls get to wear their most spellbinding outfits.

Ever After High

Spring Unsprung

Cedar Wood Doll



From the Amazon summary:

Cedar Wood, the daughter of Pinnochio, is true-ly gorgeous in a charming floral and wood-grain print dress

  • Cedar Wood doll is spellbinding in her outfit from the Spring Unsprung movie
  • She is wearing a floral and wood-grain print dress designed by Lizzie Hearts with wicked cool black and white buffalo checks
  • A hexquisite flowered hairpiece and necklace, flower-decorated leggings, spelltacular flowered tall sandals, black arm cuffs and flower adorned bag
  • Comes with flower-decorated ring for the girl lets her wear Spring Unsprung fashions
  • A display stand and doll hairbrush extend play and display opportunities with this poseable doll


Books on...Ethnic Dolls

Ethnic dolls...dolls from different cultures, backgrounds....

And...I did my best to check on the most respectful way to say this...dolls that represent an African Heritage.

I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable!

Three of these books, written in other decades, use the term "black dolls".  And perhaps that's because they come from a variety of countries.

I ran across the book, Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion by Debbie Bahan Garrett, when I was researching the little Berenguer that joined us recently. I spent quite a while reading this book. It is a great book on collecting dolls generally and has lots of dolls, photos, details...


Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion

by Debbie Bahan Garrett

$22.99US Paperback used

$24.99US New


Written in 2008

Summary from Amazon review:

Collectors and non-collectors will experience the passion for collecting dolls in Ms. Garrett's second black-doll reference book, which is a comprehensive celebration of over 1000 vintage-to-modern black dolls. Doll genres referenced and valued include early dolls and memorabilia, cloth, fashion, manufactured, artist, one-of-a-kind, celebrity, and paper dolls. 'A to Z Tips on Collecting,' 'Doll Creativity,' and 'Added Extras' will entertain, enlighten, and encourage the most discriminating collector. Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, is an informative reference for any doll collector's library.

An older version...


The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls

by Debbie Bahan Garrett

$52.48US Paperback  or is it...

$18.45US Paperback?


Written in 2003

From the Amazon summary:

Collectors will delight in acquiring the first and only Black dolls book that is completely published in FULL COLOR! Author Debbie Garrett has written an extensive book of reference on vintage, modern, fashion and artist Black dolls. Featured in this book are Black dolls made from cloth, bisque, celluloid, composition, rubber, wood, and hard plastic. Fashion dolls, modern artist dolls and other doll categories are covered. This long-overdue, insightful book includes a price guide and tips for buying and selling in the collector's market. This is a "must-have" book for collectors and social historians who want to see first-hand the evolution of a childhood plaything which in recent years has also been fashioned for adult collectors. 8 1/2" x 11" - 436 Color Photos


And a cute little book, while I am researching...


Lola at the Library

by Anna McQuinn

$6.04US  Paperback


From the Amazon summary:

Lola has a big smile on her face. Why? Because it's Tuesday--and on Tuesdays, Lola and her mommy go to the library. Join Lola in this cozy celebration of books and the people who love them.


Black Dolls 1820-1991: An Identification and Value Guide

Myla Perkins

$3.47US Paperback


Written in 1992

From the Amazon summary:

1,415 black-and-white photographs with identifying captions highlight this scarce out-of-print book which is an in-depth pictorial value guide to antique black dolls. This book is an invaluable reference for the serious collector, dealer, or historian of antique dolls.


From a 2015 Reader review:

This is a handy reference book for any collector who loves Black dolls. I just fell into collecting a few years ago but wanted to know what's out there. The book is well organized and very descriptive yet concise. It's packed with great examples of probably anything from this period.


This book has a second link with a price for a paperback of $39.99US...

And the new copies start at $203.42


And on the Canadian Amazon, the prices are all different. Curious!

Collectible African American Dolls, Identification & Values, Avon Toys, Eegee, Effabee, Gerber, Hasbro, Horsman, Ideal, Kenner Parker Toys, Madame Alexander, Mattel, Playmates, Remco, Topper, and more

by Yvonne H. Ellis

$3.09US Paperback


Written in 2008

From the Amazon summary:

History comes alive in this beautifully illustrated book of legendary African-American dolls. This book showcases hundreds of African-American dolls, beginning with the early 1800s through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The dolls are shown in spectacular color and are among the most popular collectibles today. The Early Years includes dolls made of papier maché, china, composition, bisque, magic skin latex, hard plastic, and vinyl. Special features include a variety of life-size dolls, doll house dolls, cloth dolls, artist and reproduction dolls, and paper dolls. All are displayed with detailed descriptions and current market values. The dolls featured are a delight to the eye. Every doll lover and collector of black memorabilia will want to add Collectible African American Dolls to their collection. 2008 values.


I have discovered so many cute dolls, pretty dolls, funny dolls by researching these books...

I am doing my best not to go on a fun hunt on eBay, and just be happy with the little dollies we have here.

And new adorable Whoopi!


Pippi Longstocking!

Pippi Longstocking!

by Astrid Lindgren

$3.99 Paperback

$5.62 Kindle


The beloved story of a spunky young girl and her hilarious escapades.


Have you read these?

Written for her own daughter in the 50's, Astrid Lindgren created a timeless character, an independent quirky young girl ready for adventure!


From a review:

I loved Pippi as a kid. She was so outrageously funny. She got away with all kinds of nonsense and had the most amazing adventures. So when I read it again, as a parent this time, I was happy to find that they were just as good as I remembered.

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

by Astrid Lindgren

$18.29 Hardcover


A Collection!

An enticing, newly illustrated collection of the enduringly popular Pippi stories. Since Pippi Longstocking was first published in 1950, the escapades of the incomparable Pippi,the girl with upside-down braids and no parents to tell her what to do, have delighted boys and girls alike. Now, for the first time, Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes on Board, and Pippi in the South Seas are all together in one bumper volume, with new illustrations in full-color and black-and-white.The collection is an ideal introduction for anyone discovering Pippi for the first time, while confirmed fans will enjoy revisiting their favorite episodes and recalling some they've forgotten.


Doll Props from Amazon

Set of 4 Dr. Seuss Book Erasers Perfectly Sized for American Girl Dolls


  • Set of 4 Dr. Seuss Book Erasers
  • Perfectly Sized For 18 Inch American Girl Dolls
  • Cute and Unique Doll Accessory With Dr. Seuss Picture On Front.
  • Doubles As Erasers. Books Do Not Open.
  • Sold By Trendy Dolls

Doll Ipad Accessory. Sized for American Girl Dolls. Sold By Trendy Dolls.



  • Doll Sized iPad
  • Orange
  • Doubles As An Eraser
  • Sized For American Girl Dolls
  • Cute Doll Accessory



"Penny and Her New Doll" & "Doll Bones"

Penny and Her Doll

(I Can Read Level 1)

by Kevin Henkes

Paperback $3.99 US

Kindle $4.12 US


A book about a mouse and her doll, a tiny mouse doll!


From a review...

Penny has had the most wonderful surprise, a new doll sent from Grandma. The doll's bow is perfect, the doll's pink cheeks are perfect and the doll's big buttons are perfect. The only thing that is not perfect is that Penny cannot come up with a name for her doll.

And on the other adventure story about a bad doll queen.


Doll Bones

by Holly Black

272 pages

Paperback $7.99 US

Kindle $14.39


Newbery Honor Winner 2015

Adventure chapter story...


From the description...

Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been friends forever. And for almost as long, they’ve been playing one continuous, ever-changing game of pirates and thieves, mermaids and warriors. Ruling over all is the Great Queen, a bone-china doll cursing those who displease her.

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More Paper Dolls!


Fabulous Fashion Paper Doll Book 



GOT AN EYE for style and a flair for fashion? With over 150 stylish skirts, terrific tops, and dreamy dresses to mix and match, little girls will love to dress up Barbie® and her friends in fantastic fashions with this deluxe 64-page paper doll book!



I ordered it online, so I didn't know what a good buy it was until I got it in the mail. I have purchased many children's paper doll books, and this one is the best.


Paper dolls...a really good way to develop focus and small motor skills! As well as dolly fun, of course!

Another one!

Disney Princesses!


Glamourous Gowns and Terrific Tiaras...



Who can resist the gowns! 

Young girls can imagine themselves as their favorite Disney princess with four paper dolls for imaginative play. Illustrations. Consumable.


One reviewer got creative for her 3 year old... " I decided to laminate the dolls and the dresses and put a little piece of velcro on the dresses and the dolls. She now loves dressing and undressing the dolls over and over and I am sure she will have them for a long time."


What a great idea! A new approach to paper dolls!

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It's almost Valentines Day!

Queen of Hearts Doll Crochet Pattern

A downloadable vintage crochet pattern for your Kindle!

Kindle $1.02


Something a little different!

Any crocheters out there?

By Barbara Steadman  

Paperback $1.50


Paper Dolls!

What fun...

And a Valentines theme...



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Doll Coloring Book, and 1920's Vintage Doll Pattern Book

Antique Dolls (Dover Fashion Coloring Book) Paperback
by Brenda Sneathen Mattox
Artist Brenda Sneathen Mattox has painstakingly re-created a rich selection of nineteenth-century dolls... Thirty full-page, ready-to-color illustrations present these rare dolls in authentic period costumes.


These beautifully drawn portraits of irresistible playthings — all identified in brief captions — will delight not only coloring book fans, but doll collectors and antique enthusiasts as well.

Your Dolly's Clothes - A 1920's Pattern Book for Making Vintage Doll Fashions Paperback
by Doll Craft Publishers


Originally published in 1923, this rare doll clothes book contains patterns you can make to properly outfit your dolls in 1920s style. Because this book was originally intended to teach young girls how to design, cut and make clothes for their dolls, the patterns are simple and easy to follow and the instructions for making garments are outlined in step-by-step detail. Full size patterns for a romper, dress, bloomers, blouse for girl and shirt for boy are provided to fit a doll sized 14 inches from head to toe and 8 inches around the waist, with simple instructions for making larger sizes.

Favorite Frozen Books and Play Sets

Frozen Book and Magnetic Playset

$11.18 Hardcover

Readers will love exploring the magical world from Walt Disney Animation Studio's latest film, Frozen, in this book and magnetic play set. Featuring two storybooks, two magnetic dolls, six play scenes, and over 60 magnets all stored in a handy plastic carrying case-readers can enjoy this on the go!

Lily Lemon Blossom

Where is Lily's Miss Kelly Kay?

$10 paperback

Also in Kindle


Lily Lemon Blossom's lovely doll, Miss Kelly Kay is missing. We must help Lily find her. Come along everyone and join in the search. Where Is Lily's Miss Kelly Kay is a great companion book to Lily Lemon Blossom: "Welcome to Lily's Room" "A Picture Perfect Play Day" and "Safari Friends"


This book is a part of a cute series about Lily Lemon...

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Little Golden Books

Little Mommy $3.99
THE “LITTLE MOMMY” in this story is an adorable little girl. We spend the day in her charming company as she cares for her dolls, treats their ills, gives them a tea party, feeds them dinner, and puts them to bed. Beautifully illustrated, this book has a timeless feel.
From one of the reviews...a mother buys this book for her little girl and writes:
Since getting the book, my (almost) 2 year old's motherly behaviors have increased. She mimics the girl in the book and will feed, bathe, kiss and rock her dolls to sleep. She'll even sit with them and pretend she's reading a book, or she'll try and sing a bit.


The World of Barbie $4.05


The book is about Barbie, her friend Midge and Ken. It teachers you all about Barbie's life. The book has great vintage style illustration that is fantastic. The book is hard cover with 24 pages of fun stories that any little Barbie Lover's would enjoy. My 4 year old daughter loves looking at the pictures and it is a great book added to her books collection.

Princess Charm School


This book is a classic story to go along with the Barbie movie Princess Charm School that my girls already have.

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The Doll People #3 and #4


The Runaways

over 350 pages

Paperback $7.99


Best friends Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft have stumbled upon an unexpected visitor, a new doll named Tilly May. She's arrived in a mysterious package...but she looks so familiar. Could she be Annabelle's long-lost baby sister? It'll take a runaway adventure to find out for sure. Are the dolls ready for life on the road?

The Doll People Set Sail

over 300 pages

Hardcover $15.56


Annabelle Doll, Tiffany Funcraft, and their families are whisked out to sea when the Palmers accidentally place them in a box destined for charity donation. And it turns out they're not alone-there are plenty of other doll people on the ship, too. After traveling thousands of miles, will they be able to find their way home?


Good Read Doll Books...

The Doll People

by Ann M Martin

A 250 page book for 8-12 year olds....

$6.00 Paperback


Annabelle Doll is eight years old-she has been for more than a hundred years. Not a lot has happened to her, cooped up in the dollhouse, with the same doll family, day after day, year after year. . . until one day the Funcrafts move in.


The old dolls are porcelains and the new neighbours are plastic...

The Meanest Doll in the World is the sequel to the Doll People

by Ann M Martin

Over 300 pages of fun and adventure

$7.99 Paperback


Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft are two dolls who have been best friends since they met in Kate Palmer's house at 26 Wetherby Lane. In this sequel to The Doll People, they hitch a ride in Kate's backpack and find themselves in the biggest adventure of their lives, a day at school! But when an attempt to return home lands them in the wrong house, they're in far deeper trouble than they imagined.


Books for Christmas...with dolls!

Fancy Nancy and the Splendiferous Christmas

by Jane O'Connor


Fancy Nancy is a beloved character in a series of books. The character has been made into a real doll, available from small to big.


Of course, Fancy Nancy is here in Dolltown!

Hardcover... $13.84

This book is available in Kindle too... $9.81


In this sweet and colorful book,  Nancy has bought her own tree topper...

"What could be fancier than Christmas?

Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinkles—and who could forget the tree? After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel. Ooh la la! This year, Nancy is especially excited about decorating the Christmas tree. She bought a brand-new sparkly tree topper with her own money and has been waiting for Christmas to come. But when things don't turn out the way Nancy planned, will Christmas still be splendiferous?"

Keep an eye out for Fancy Nancy doll photos in our Gallery!

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z is my own creation. It teaches the alphabet through 26 dolls. Each doll's name starts with a different letter of the alphabet.


Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z is an eBook. It can be read on a Kindle, a computer with Kindle program downloaded, or with a Smart Phone or a Tablet with the Kindle App.


Available for $3.01


The book has a pop up feature on every other page, one for each letter of the alphabet. It has over 54 pages with 26 dolls. 


There are three very popular Little Darlings, including Ana herself. But there are also Barbies, a Patsy, an Ellowyne fashion doll, a tiny Madame Alexander, a Kidz n Cats boy, Harry Potter, and, of course, a Disney Princess...


It's a book for girls and boys!

The Dolls Christmas

by Tasha Tudor


Available from Kindle at $12.60

Also in Hardcover and Paperback


This book by a favorite author, is the story of two dolls who, every Christmas, invite their friends to an elegant dinner party and marionette show.

The Christmas Doll

by Elvira Woodruff


This book tells the story of two orphaned sisters whose lives are changed forever by a magical doll.


Not available on Kindle, but new and used hardcovers and paperbacks, at a variety of prices.

The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden,

another favorite author.


Kindle $3.30

Hardcover $16.19



This book is about a couple who want their own orphan child, a child who wants a family, and a doll....


Ivy, Holly, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones all have one Christmas wish. Ivy, an orphan, wishes for a real home and sets out in search of the grandmother she's sure she can find. Holly, a doll, wishes for a child to bring her to life. And the Joneses wish more than anything for a son or daughter to share their holiday. Can all three wishes come true? This festive tale is perfectly complemented by beloved Barbara Cooney's luminous illustrations, filled with the warm glow of the Christmas spirit.


It is the day before Christmas and the toys in Mr Blossom's shop know it is their last chance to be sold. Holly, a little doll dressed especially for Christmas, wishes hard for her own special child to come and buy her. But the day ends and Holly is left in the window.

Early on Christmas morning, a little lost girl finds herself outside the toyshop. Ivy has never had a doll to love. Or a family to love her. When she sees Holly...


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