Doll books! The Surprise Doll & Babushka's Doll

The Surprise Doll, 60th Anniversary Edition

by Morrell Gipson

$6.55US Kindle

$12.76US Hardcover


Summary of the book:

For more than half a century children have been captivated with the story of Mary and her dolls. Mary’s father was a sea captain who took long trips across the ocean, bringing back a doll from each journey. Soon Mary had six dolls and wished for a seventh one to become her "Sunday" doll. But Mary’s father said six dolls were enough for any girl, so she set off to visit the Dollmaker and, oh, was she in for a surprise!

Now available in its original, full 46-page format.


From a review:

The book is an excellent quality hard-back edition, whereas my original in childhood was the regular "Little Golden Book" binding. I was so glad to find the 60th anniversary edition so that I can share it with the young children in my extended family.

Incidentally, having this book as a child led to my interest in geography and having social studies courses as favorite subjects in school.

Babushka's Doll

by Patricia Polacco

$13.88 Kindle

$8.99 Paperback

$16.95 Hardcover


From the Summary:

Natasha isn't really a bad girl. It's just that she wants to play on the swing now, not after the wash has been hung up to dry. And she wants her soup now, not after the goats have been fed. Looking after Natasha keeps Babushka, Natasha's grandmother, very busy. 
Then, after lunch, Natasha notices a doll sitting on Babushka's shelf...a doll Babushka tells Natasha she played with just once when she was a little girl. When Natasha plays with the doll while Babushka goes to the store for groceries, she discovers why once is enough with Babushka's doll...and finds out just how tiring it can be to take care of a child who wants everything now.


From a review:

Babushka's Doll is one of my favorite Patricia Polacco books. As an elementary school teacher, I love to read a loud to the children every day. The children love this book. It is a pedagogical story of a girl who acts impatient and selfish with her grandma, her "Babushka", and the lesson she learns in this dimension. It is a multicultural tale, and it is very easy to be dramatic and use character voices when telling the story. I have read this story hundreds of times. Enjoy it! It is a gem in your home or classroom library.

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