Native to Dolltown

Ernie, we saw you arrive last spring. Why then do they say you are native to Dolltown?


I was born in the valley, and grew up here. But we have relatives in the States. So in my teens I was sent to live with my uncle and his family and lived there for a long time.


How do you know this area so well then?


From a young age my family here brought me with them, hunting, fishing, berry picking. Even when I lived across the border, we would return for food harvesting and family ceremonies. 


Do you have your own family?


I was married but lost my wife in a car crash. We have a son, Abe, who lost  his ability to walk in that accident. I came back to the valley first to get settled.

Mokidin, my sister brought my son from the States a couple of months ago.  He loves it here. Everybody is so nice!


We notice that you spend a lot of time with Dolltown's vintage, Terri Lee. Can you share with us your relationship to Terri?


Well, I help Terri out a lot. She can't get around the way she used to but she does a lot for the town and the valley. She is very good to all the dolls coming and going. She makes sure everybody has a place to stay when they arrive, and something to eat. And then we find all of them homes. Terri is a great lady...


Well, she sounds pretty fond of you too. Is there something going on there?


Terri and I keep each other company.  We like to watch movies together, and keep up on the news. We have both been around for a long time. And I'm glad that Terri has her friend Queeny with her now. Because sometimes I am gone for weeks at a time. Fishing down at the big river, or camping up the hills to gather huckleberries. Terri doesn't like to leave Dolltown much. And they need her here.


We've seen you two dancing at the Community Centre....


Gotta stay in shape right?

Okay, gotta go. I'm heading down to the Community Center now. We are putting on a feast for more newcomers... 


Thanks for your time! I think I'll head down for a bit to eat myself. I've heard there's huckleberry pie!


Sure! Come on down!


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