Christmas Dresses and Puppets                                                   Nov 26/15
Christmas Dresses and Marionettes

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This past week...

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Nov 23 Dolltown Community Dolls
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What's New in the Doll World...
Barbie Liz

This week, I explored puppets with my Constructive Criticism Director. We researched hand puppets but especially marionettes.

Marionettes, basically puppets on strings or wires, have been around for a long time, at least as far back as 2000 BC. in Egypt, Greece, Italy, and others.

They are made with a lot of different materials.

We saw marionettes of all sizes, made out of cloths, woods, resins, and clays.

We watched videos of marionettists with their puppets, amusing crowds on streets and in theatres on elaborate stages.

Did you know there are full length ballets and operas enacted by casts of elaborately dressed puppets?

Serious to funny, these puppets are a source of fascination as soon as they come to life...

Just looking at them, the ideas for stories start flooding in.
They look like they would fit right in here in Dolltown.
We want one. Or more.

Now, if I could persuade our CC Director to manipulate those strings...
I'll get him one for Christmas.
Now, should I choose the jester? the witch? the ship's captain?
We'll see!

What's New in Fashion in Dolltown...
Christmas dresses!
The girls are changing from the cute jumpers made by Kalen at kalendesignson eBay, to some festive clothes for a special Christmas photo shoot.

We have some great doll dressmakers to talk about this next week!

So be sure to visit Hiya Dolly to check the links for jumpers, Christmas smocked dresses, cozy tights, and knit dresses!

Click here to see Hiya Dolly's fun dolly book about letter sounds.  

What's happening in Dolltown?
Miley's Musings...
Here's our Director of Constructive Criticism himself, wondering what to do with the dolls that sneak into the house and take over the chairs.

Dolltown is set in a corner of The Garden. But there is a constant stream of dolls going back and forth to the house, for clothing changes, informal photo shoots, social events, TV watching, and overnighters.

(And the closer you are to the front door the more likely it is that you'll be taken for a car ride.)

You Know Who has been so focused on her Hiya Dolly web work, talking constantly to Support people about new comment streams for our Dolltown site, that CCofD has had to dollsit. And that means he has had to move the dollies from place to place all week just to make a space to sit down himself....

He had no idea how much work it is. He's just glad he doesn't have to cook for us all! He has a lot more respect now for You Know Who...

His constructive criticism has...softened slightly. His tone of voice, when talking about us, is...warmer.
I even heard the two of them talking, collaboratively, about puppets. What?
Can't wait to hear more about that! 
A real marionette in Dolltown?
I'd kind of like that ship's captain myself. Quite dashing!

Chat soon!
I am who I am... 
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