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This past week...
Jiyoon gets to know the Dolltowners!
First up...Xennia and Tink
Climbing trees to see the birds!
May 18 The Ellowynes
A few photos with the Dolltowners
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What's Up in the Doll World?
I love the Dolls Magazine!
It is fun to read about the doll designers, dressmakers, and current doll events.
There are several doll magazines: Fashion Doll, Art Doll, Doll World.... I love Haute Doll, with its focus on fashion dolls like Integrity and Kingdom dolls, and its fashion forward photo shoots.
But right now,  Dolls  is the only mag I subscribe to.
The Dolls magazine covers a variety of dolls, from OOAKs to playdolls. The photos and articles are lively and well done. There is always something new to learn. Even the doll ads are great!
The current edition, May/June 2016, focuses on "Ball Jointed Beauty" and features Liz Frost, Sophie Louis, Judy Porter, and Henry and Zofia Zawieruszynski. Liz Frost's Ruby, is on the cover (not pictured here). Cute!
The mag reports on the North American International Toy Fair, held in February.
There is also a great article on eye painting by April Norton. One on Ruby Red Galleria's Four Kindergartners. And another on the felt Lenci dolls. 
Lenci! Now that's another story!
This magazine is available in hardcopy, with issues arriving every two months. And you can also receive a digital edition if you subscribe for the print version. Or ONLY a digital edition...
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What's New in Dolltown!
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Outdoor adventures!
The weather has been so good the Little Darlings all got changed to explore in our garden and out in the lane, the best place for a bike ride!
Xennie and Tink were lucky enough to go for a car ride to Aunty M's for a work day, sorting and hauling boxes from one place to another. However! It wasn't long before they escaped the work trailer and headed out to the river, then the big tree...
You girls get away from the river's edge!
Jiyoon and Maggie headed up a tree right here in our garden, where we perch little birdhouses just for fun. With these noisy dolls around, we really don't expect any birds to settle in them. But I don't tell the dollies that. It's too much fun to watch them check inside the little houses to see if a bird family has moved in.
Hiya Dolly
What's New in Fashion in Dolltown?
Last week I mentioned we were short of skirts for the Little Darlings.
So we used tunics, yoga pants, jeans, and tshirts from a variety of sources, including cute flounce skirts from the bjd girls, so everyone could head out for tree climbing and bike rides!
For some closer looks check out our photo stories. Next week too!
Some doll dressers featured on the site this week....
Fashion source links on our Doll Dressmakers page...
Updates in progress!
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What's happening in Dolltown...
Miley's Musings...
Wow! Lots of adventures this week! The Little Darlings had so much fun!
Tree climbing, bird watching, lying by the river... Xennia and Tink even had to be rescued by You-Know-Who after they hopped into a wire tree guard!
All the darlings were called back to the house though, to get ready for a party...
You-Know-Who is a member of a Facebook group that is celebrating a first year anniversary. The girls were invited! And they came to don their party frocks only to discover...there weren't any! 
Well, not enough, anyway...
So we had a bright idea! We asked Willow, a Dolltown Ellowyne, if we could play dress up with the beautiful Ellowyne fancy dresses!
Oh yes, she said. And before long our little darlings were all dressed ready for the FB party! Fun, fun, fun!
But before we post those cute dressup photos, we want to show you the rest of our outdoor adventure photos...
Birdy and Rosa take the new bike into the lane. And Evie and Conner get our garden horse out and go for a ride!
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Chat soon!
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