Flowers, Bunnies, and...Peeps!

But wait! Lots of people are celebrating Easter this weekend! And we have fond childhood memories!

So let's take a few minutes, in the middle of our River outing... 


It's Xennia! Our April Little Darling!

The month of new spring and babies!


We took lots of photos of our girls in their Nataliya dresses, in early March. We also grouped the girls in all kinds of ways to get to know them, like which artist made them...


While we were at it, we took some Easter themed photos. We know we get busy. And the girls were perfectly dressed for this pastel fashion opportunity!


We love the Easter and Spring symbols...

Bunnies, eggs, chicks, babies, flowers, butterflies, blue sky and all pastels!

Chocolate and...Peeps!

The girls were thrilled when I brought in some of these popular sweets.

If I was a child I could understand the appeal for this popular candy!


Sweetness, stickiness galore! There was a lot of finger licking after this photo shoot...


Another Easter post coming, with Tink, Priscilla, and more Peeps!

And check out our 2016 Easter celebrations!



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    Mary (Friday, 12 May 2017 08:31)

    I love the crochet dresses! Are there patterns available somewhere? I have only just began to crochet for my dolls and love these sweet outfits so much.