Xennia Borrows Priscilla's Bike

Priscilla biked to the Dolltown River clearing to catch up with all her friends... 

No one there! The kids are still in the forest hunting eggs!


But then Xennia showed up with her little rainbow bunny. And asked Priscilla if she could take the bike for a ride.


She didn't wait for Priscilla to say yes, but took off. Her bunny had to do some fast hopping to keep up!


And Priscilla looked a little miffed (as she often does) and grabbed up our tiny bunny couple.

I think they were a little surprised.

I think they wondered what she was going to do with them!


Hey, Priscilla!

What are you doing with our bunnies?

Oh good...here's Easter Bunny to keep an eye on the situation.

Just stick around, Priscilla! There's chocolate eggs coming, we hear...


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