October, and on the Forest Path, Again!

Well , the Dolltown kids have changed for October. Maybe that's why the "cavalry" was so ineffective in gathering the children for schooltime!


The guards and the rest of the rescue crew arrived back "empty handed" so to speak. And said the Forest Path was empty. So back they came, thinking the kids had made their way to school. No! No one!


I suppose the kids were changing into October colours, imagining it's like camouflage, and back they went to the Forest Path. 


The rescue crew lost interest and took off fishing. They are as bad as the kids!

Uley has a school bag! That's promising!

And he has heard the kids are returning to the Forest path.

First, Maggie and Jiyoon!

Dixon, Owen, and Douglas have joined Maggie and Jiyoon.


They are checking what the girls are doing, before they head back to school.

No way are they showing up at school if the girls are out "learning" in the outdoors!


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