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31. October 2015
Daniel's's golden eyes glow, and things around him...move.

18. August 2015
So beautiful... Some ball joint doll companies create adults and older teens. They can be pretty anatomically correct. And they can be body painted to look even more realistic. This is Asa, an EID (Elder Iplehouse Doll). The company calls the EID's body healthy and realistic. She is a Limited Edition 65 cm female, in "normal skin" which looks pale until compared to a "white" skinned bjd. Or grey! Iplehouse females can be ordered also in different breast sizes And in males- less or more muscled....

11. August 2015
Tania, a JID, Junior Iplehouse Doll. She is 43 cm, and is called a "teen to young adult, with a delicate but mature, and realistic form". Tania has the peach gold skin. And the Glamour bust.

04. August 2015
Boys... These Korean sculpts have a metrosexual look to them. Body built like a man, and narrow chins. But beautiful faces. This is Daniel, an Iplehouse JID.

03. August 2015
An Ellowyne...they have the oddest names. We call her Goldie here.

02. August 2015
Another Ellowyne, but the Amber sculpt. Quinn here has loosened up her hair, and is showing off her curves...