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13. August 2017
Silent Sam wears a wool, beaded cape all the time... Today we got to see what's under it! More beads!

02. August 2017
The Dolltowners welcome a new member of our family, a real baby, Jasper! Born down under...

26. June 2017
Silent Sam and Priscilla invite all the Dolltown babies for playtime outside.

14. June 2017
Little Darling Lula gets to go shopping, and wants to buy gifts for a new baby coming. How do we say no?

07. December 2016
It's the babies! They've come for a little Christmas fun... Now, we have just posted our Dee an Cee vintage twin babies... And every photo is posting sideways until they are rotated. Hope they are coming up vertical! We have lots of Christmas baby photos...the little fame mongers! The babies are all different sizes. Some are small because they are the babies of Dolltowners like Cindy and Darlene... And some are just the right size for a human child to enjoy.

07. September 2015
Little Phoebe, is dwarfed by the babies. Imagine Phoebe coming to keep an eye on the young ones!