Pants for the boys...

Pachom to the rescue!


In Pachom's Fashion Shoot, one of my Chris Miller boys tried on a pair of pants from a cute blouse and pants set for my girl dolls. A fit! 


I was so excited that I emailed Pachom. And she sent me 3 pairs! These boys have been wearing long lean jeans belonging to the Tonner guys (that's why Eddie shows up here to get his jeans back!)


Their new pants are corduroy (soft!) so these boys are happy to see a little rain after a hot summer. And loose enough that they can sit down, and climb trees!


Now for shoes! They share one pair in their single photos...


Thanks Pachom! Again! lol

Look for Pachom, from Montreal...

Pachom's eBay shop

Pachom's Etsy shop

In the first shot Xenny sits with the package from the Post Office.  

In the last she checks out the pants on the boys.

She is happy to see the smiles on the boys faces.

Or she imagines they are smiling.

15 photo loop...

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