Change their eyes...

Some dolls...

BJD's often come wigless but they usually come with eyes. The eyes are probably acrylic, but glass eyes are available. Glass or acrylic, black or colored pupils, irises in a variety of colors, and combinations of colors. I have a couple of extra pairs of eyes, and have switched out my bjd's eyes several times.  To change the eyes, the tops of their heads lift off!


I like to show my non-doll owning human friends now how the tops of the heads come off, so the eyes can be changed. But I was a little trepidatious the first time I did it. And I had to do two dolls at once because Tania here came with brown eyes, and I wanted her to have blue. My boy doll Boris came with blue eyes and I chose the brown eyes for him. So, two tops of heads off at the same time, for my first eyeball exchange. 


I definitely watched some videos before my first switch, which were very helpful. As you can see in the photos, the placement of the eyes really affects what the doll looks like!


Next, restringing! 

I'll let you know when I have become brave enough, or desperate enough!


Tania has gone from brown to blue, to gold, to hazel, and back to blue....


It is interesting that, as they say, if you position the eyes "straight" the doll has a staring look, as you can see in one of the gold-eye photos here. (Not the cross eyed one-that's just funny).) It is best to position them with the pupil tipped up just a little...

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    Jano (Sunday, 13 September 2015 11:40)

    It definitely changes the look of a prefect doll, to see parts off, especially eyes.
    Zombie world... lol Dolls generally make people uncomfortable, even intact!
    Yes, this is a pretty doll, Iplehouse Tania! I like the blue eyes too. I have not taken the plunge for a younger KID or BID, but I look at them often. So far I have tried out other young children dollies and love several, like funny little Patsy, but especially the Little Darlings!

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    Sharon in Spain (Sunday, 13 September 2015 09:54)

    I recently freaked out a non dolly friend by showing her one of my Little Fees with her faceplate off and eyes out! Ooops!
    I like your girl with the blue eyes, particularly in the last photo, she looks very pretty.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x