Yes, I do have Barbie Dolls...

My vintage Barbie needed a friend....

This is the Barbie couple that I chose to keep her company...


Liz Taylor and Clark Gable!


How could I resist...they are beautiful!

Friends for my bubble haired Moana, and memories of great movies. Especially Gone With the Wind. 

I also have 5 modern day Barbies...young ones. Beach blonde ones. Brunettes...

You can pick Barbies up for a song. I bought a couple just for the outfits, which doesn't work yet with me...buying a doll for the clothes. I can't seem to pass on the naked dolls. Everybody ends up staying. I guess these extra dolls can be...extras. Like on a movie set, filling the background, at beaches, sports events, cafes, street scenes...

One of my Barbies, Magic Barbie, I bought at our grocery store. 

A Barbie with colored wings? Very useful.

My Barbies came out of their basket this week for 2 reasons. First of all, a photo shoot for a story.

But also this week, I spent time on Twitter linking up to Fashion Doll sites. 

I don't own a Sybarite, or a Fashion Royalty doll, or a resin 16" Kingdom Doll. 

But I do have my 16" Ellowynes and these Barbies. So I get to join the Fashion Doll Clubs. 

I am fascinated with the clothes these fashion dolls wear...clothes that belong on runways, doll runways. Yup.

And in doll couture magazines.

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Dolls have an interesting history linked up to fashion. I remember reading historical fiction set in the early US that talked about the women in the big houses receiving packages from France, with dolls dressed in the latest French fashions. The ladies would choose the dresses they liked, communicate with the French dressmakers about fabrics and patterns, and order their seasonal wardrobes... And these model dolls are now in museums, part of estates, and come up for auction.

A doll road I have not traveled down.

Modern fashion dolls, even Barbies, claim a much shorter history in comparison to these French fashion dolls. But a 60 year old Barbie is a vintage Barbie.

More on my own titian bubble headed vintage Barbie some other time. 

But you can see her with the others on the Kinds of Dolls page.

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