Uh oh! What Happened to Birdy? Rosa Explains...

Oh no! How did this happen?

Ever since Dolltown began, I have developed lightning speed reflexes!

I dart a hand out at the hint of a fall, before my conscious mind has registered a potential doll danger...

I WARN my dolls about this, the consequences of embarking on their own adventures, and getting hurt.

Well, we all know you can't protect them forever.

And no one could accuse me of being a helicopter doll owner.

Although I might call myself a cosseter...

Our first attempts to look after Birdy's hurt have had no results...

She will have to go shopping and to the Ice Cream party like this!

Sorry, Birdy dear!

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    April (Tuesday, 19 July 2016 14:10)

    Oh no....sorry to hear about Birdy's fall! But happy to know, she's okay. My girls fall too. But I think it's because of jealousies....girls pushing girls off the nightstand. Fortunately, I have carpeting so no one really gets hurt. Modeling is a tough job, you know!!!!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 15:05)

    Hahaha! Oh no...competition invites sabotage! And no wonder your girls want to push to the front of the night stand. In sight, in mind! Girls, girls, girls... Well, my girls can be a little...independent. And they like adventure, and climbing things. So I don't always get to catch them when they fall! I encourage them to use mats, rugs, towels...to soften a fall. However...