Dolltown Ice Cream Party Begins!

It's Xennia and Tink! First to the party!

Hi girls! Ice cream is coming. Scout is on it!

Wait a minute! You girls were told to change into your ice cream dresses!

What are you wearing? Aren't those my picnic napkins?

With...belts and bows?

Well okay...actually it might be a good idea! Less handwashing!

Some of our girls, like Birdy, Rosa, and Scout here, are capable of eating ice cream without even a bib! 


Just watch.... Ice Cream Party Part One!

Now who's arriving? 

It's Conner and Eve!

Come on back for Ice Cream Party Part Two!

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    April (Saturday, 23 July 2016 13:25)

    What is it that I see....GELATO!!!! Oh my, that does all look so good...especially on such a hot day!!! (Though, maybe it's a tad cooler in DollTown!) And yes, an ice cream party can be so messy, but who cares when you all are having so much fun! Besides Xennia and Tink can have all the fun they want and still look so chic in their napkin-dress-improvs-of-Yohji_Yamamato designer creations! (Hmmm...I wonder where they got idea???) Way to go girls!!!!