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15. August 2016
In July, the children came early to the Ice Cream party.... Then off they went on field trips with the Dolltown Summer Day Camp. Now they are back and we snapped some photos! The girls gathered around to tell me of their exciting adventures: wading in the creek acting out "Toy Story" (a Dolltown favorite!) picking apricots off the low branches And running away from the boys who were throwing ripe plums! "EWWWW!", they squealed. And the girls told on the boys right away so they wouldn't get...

09. August 2016
Breyer's 1914 Chinese Year of the Horse! He was there for Birdy's birthday cupcake celebration. He even got a cupcake! Chantal and the girls love him...

27. July 2016
Little Darlings in sundresses! It's my job to keep the action going in Dolltown. But the speed is picking up! Events are piling up! I have photos and stories happening on the sideline of the main events: Awards Day, Ice Cream Party, Birdy's Birthday! One photo shoot that I don't want to pass by...the Little Darlings in their ice cream dresses. So, before they ALL change for the next events, here are a few photos of the Little Darlings in their summer dresses, ready for the Ice Cream Party ....

22. July 2016
Our Dollygood news reporter, Miley, and our "new" ballerina doll are still hanging out! They take a break together, enjoying an ice cream cupcake, making the most of a few quiet minutes while the little children are gathered for their turn.

21. July 2016
It's Conner and Evie! Little Darlings galore! We love them in Dolltown. Sweeties... MOST of them can eat ice cream WITHOUT wearing a napkin instead of an ice cream dress! Squeeze in, girls!

20. July 2016
It's Xennia and Tink! First to the party! Hi girls! Ice cream is coming. Scout is on it!