Ice Cream Party! Part Two...Little Darlings Come and Go!

It's Conner and Evie!

Little Darlings galore! We love them in Dolltown. Sweeties... 

MOST of them can eat ice cream WITHOUT wearing a napkin instead of an ice cream dress!

 Squeeze in, girls!

Okay, Xennia and Tink!

Time to get cleaned up!

Off to the showers. And Birdy and Rosa are going with you.

Tummies full? Yes? Good!

Because there are more Dolltowners arriving for THEIR ice cream...

Cherries while you wait!

Okay! Who's next?

Sounds like the boys...and the little children?

Check the freezer, get out more spoons!

And don't we have some budget ice cream? Haagen Daas? Really?

How did this even happen? How did the Little Darlings get a taste for the BEST ice cream?

What do you mean they have been "working"?

I know EVERYTHING my dollies do...right?

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    April (Saturday, 23 July 2016 13:36)

    Isn't it interesting how ice cream draws little kids near and far like a magnet? And isn't interesting how they all look sooo happy, especially when they are treated to ice cream? And isn't it REALLY interesting how dolls, in general, tend to have well....rather expensive tastes!??!! I don't think the budget ice cream would work quite as well. (Nor budget doll clothes either!) And isn't it interesting how much work the dolls think they do? (Well maybe they do...after all they have to stand there and smile for us day in and day out!) But fortunately for you, not all of the dolls required special ice cream dresses allowing them to get down and dirty with the ice-cream.... Oh that would have been quite an expensive ice cream party!!!!