Little Darlings Dress Up for Summer Parties!

Little Darlings in sundresses!


It's my job to keep the action going in Dolltown. But the speed is picking up! Events are piling up!


I have photos and stories happening on the sideline of the main events: Awards Day, Ice Cream Party, Birdy's Birthday! 


One photo shoot that I don't want to pass by...the Little Darlings in their ice cream dresses.

So, before they ALL change for the next events, here are a few photos of the Little Darlings in their summer dresses, ready for the Ice Cream Party .


Can't wait to post more on a separate page...

Link coming, as the photos are posted!

Rosa in Pachom Suesewan

Birdy in Sveta10

Faith in Pachom

Chantal in Janice Mundy

Scout in Erin Green

Evie in Pachom

Conner in Carolyn Gebert


Zoey in Lula's original dress

Pearl in Picked From Mary's Garden

Xennia in Erin Green

Tink in Maggie and Kate Create


Maggie and Jiyoon in Alison Austin

And the changes are already happening!

Birdy and Jiyoon jumped at the chance to wear special clothes for Birdy's birthday celebration.

A cute cake dress and an adorable romper!

Thanks, Pachom!

More photos soon...

It would be even sooner if these dollies would dress themselves!

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  • #1

    April (Thursday, 28 July 2016 13:40)

    Ooooo..a Darlings' style show!!!!! They are all sooooo pretty in these outfits looks like they are thoroughly enjoying trying on all their favorite styles! (Hmmm....maybe the result of looking at my girls pix? The length of the dresses is quite interesting. This is the length we see on toddlers and little children in France. In the US, the same age group is often dressed in very short (well above the knee) dresses with little panties peaking out. Oh and I love all the little sandals as well!!!!

  • #2

    Sharon in Spain x (Friday, 29 July 2016 14:12)

    WOW don't the girls look great in all their pretty dresses....I mustn't let my girls see them or they'll be complaining that as per usual they are either half naked or wearing the same outfit that they've had on for months! Oooops, they are a bit like the cobblers children, running about without any shoes!

  • #3

    Jano (Tuesday, 02 August 2016 14:31) sorry! Catching up!
    Yes, love the different styles and dressmakers!
    I really like the variety of lengths...and love the longer dresses, that come between the knees and ankles! There are favorite lengths among the dressmakers for the Little Darlings, so we have a real choice!
    And my girls pour over your fashions, for sure, admiring your divas...talking about them like they know them!

  • #4

    Jano (Tuesday, 02 August 2016 14:38)

    Hahaha...Sharon! Thank you for your kind words!
    Your dollies belong to an actual dressmaker! Clothes are made and go, right?
    Do you have an outfit for each that is "theirs"? Some are so cute when I see them I imagine your dollies would kick up a fuss and clamour to keep them!
    OMG gotta run. Tink was reading over my shoulder, gave a hoot, and has stripped down to her sandals (she got that totally wrong!). There she is, heading for the door! (She knows your dollies spend a lot of time in the outdoors.) Chat soon!