Junior Iples by the Dark Tree...It's Halloween!

The Iplehouse JID BJD's love Halloween!


And this year, the boys are in their ubiquitous black garb, but the girls decided to costume up for this special night.


So,  fair Tania Aira is a sweet tree angel...

with airy maple leaf wings and a golden halo.

And Cordelia Odelle has persuaded 2 pretty orange butterflies to attach themselves to her for the event. Nice!


Violet Raven has just added an orange ribbon to her black tiered dress...but is there some shape shifting going on?

I have noticed wherever we see her, there is no Raven Bird...and vice versa.


Just saying. We know these Iples have special powers. It's just hard to keep track of them.

Which is how they like it! 

After lingering on the path the Iple Juniors head up to their home, Dolltown Abbey,

where they have invited the Dolltowners for Halloween celbrations.

We took more photos of these beauties in the Moon Arch Room...

Stay tuned!

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  • #1

    April (Saturday, 29 October 2016 17:59)

    After wearing so much black, I totally understand why the girls have decided to swing the other way....just for the night, at least! It looks as though this party is getting prettier by the minute!

  • #2

    Jano (Saturday, 29 October 2016 18:31)

    Hi April! You made it to my Others page! Where the girls forget to to wear their modesty scarves sometimes! lol
    The girls have a few more clothes, both colorful and black, than the lads.
    But not many so this is where my creative FDS copying may have to happen. lol
    Maybe things will slow up in November for a while? hahahaha