Little Darlings in Coats!

It's time we showed some photos of the Little Darlings out in the winter, before the crocuses poke through...

(Wishful thinking at this latitude!)


These girls have some winter gear, but once again we've borrowed from the Tonner Ellowynes...


The Ellowynes were in the Community Center meeting about their yearly plan. And the coats were all there...beside me.


So you'll see Birdy in a fluffy yellow coat that she thinks makes her look like...Sesame Street's Big Bird! And she thinks that's a good thing!


And Chantal is in a pretty pink coat with a wide collar. Scout picked a lime green tweed.


And Lula borrowed a tweed duffel just perfect for winter play. Now she doesn't want to give it back!

And look at Evie in a bomber jacket with its leopard trim!

This photo shoot was fun!


But the girls really wanted to continue on to an outing downtown for a nice lunch, or to our surrounding hills with all those cross country ski trails... We'll see.

Birdy loves the yellow coat and wanted lots of photos!

Jiyoon here is wearing a gorgeous embroidered Ellowyne coat!

Pearl, Tink, and Xennia are wearing Wonderful World coats, from eBay last year.

Faith has on one of the warm cardigans from amgirliam, with Pachom's scarf and hat set.

Zoey is wearing a Betsy McCall coat. And the rest are in Ellowyne garb. 


Now you can see why these girls wanted to venture farther than our cedar bush diorama here. 

Looking good, girls! And all cozy enough to spend time in our still-snowy outdoors...


Okay Birdy! A couple more photos...

You good now, Birdy?

Can we go now?

We might see some real birds!

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  • #1

    April (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 15:21)

    Oh, they are all just toooooooo cute in those gorgeous little outfits. Loving Birdie in her Big Bird coat as well. I imagine you'll have to wrestle that away from her!! I love those little boots they're wearing. Well I'll attempt to make some boots for Conner, but I don't know if they'll look as good. In any case, this post was good "research" for me! Bye girls. Conner sends a big kiss to you all!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 15:38)

    Hi April!
    Well, you must know that your recently-made white feather coat would be a big hit with Conner's friends! I will have to move some of the great photos you have sent so we can share them here on Hiya Dolly! Can't wait to hear the squeals from the girls!
    I must say I love these girls in their own coats, but the Ellowyne outerwear is amazing!
    We are benefiting from the wardrobes of the different doll "families" being moved into closer proximity! That was a good move! Now, where to put all those displaced magazines!

  • #3

    Mischelle (Friday, 17 February 2017 01:27)

    Ok the girls really do need an outing in those fab coats How would you all like a winter drive to Kane Valley ? Maybe Kate would have us for tea !!!

  • #4

    Jano (Friday, 17 February 2017 11:27)

    Hey Mischelle! A drive to Kane Valley? THAT of course would suggest cross country skis and snowshoes! I don't dare even say the words Kane Valley after the spate of creativity here! I would be sent out into the yard to find the girls some flat sticks, and twigs for poles! Okay... a little white lie perhaps. I am not above a little white dolls. Maybe just "Kate's place for tea". Ya, that could work! Okay then!