Darling Lil' Bee Dressmaker...

Valentine and special day fashion for our favorite dolls!
It's February...and we have been seeing the prettiest dresses on our Facebook groups and favorite doll blogs!
Here is a beautiful dress by Erin Green, up for bid presently in Erin's shop on ebay: Darling Lil' Bee.
This dress can be used for any special day, but some of Erin's pretty dresses are made just for Valentine's Day!
Erin makes a variety of styles, using both lovely and cute patterns. She recently set up a web page to show off her work and make it available to those with dolls to dress. Darling Lil' Bee Diminutive Doll Designs 
~ a webstore with clothing, shoes and wigs for Dianna Effner's Little Darling dolls
We have several of Erin's dresses here in Dolltown! 

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    April (Monday, 13 February 2017 15:15)

    Yes, you are so right. Erin's fashions are sooooo pretty. I can understand why she's a favorite in your house. I'm following her on Instagram...just for the sheer pleasure. How nice of you to give her a plug here.

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    Jano (Monday, 13 February 2017 15:34)

    Ooooh yes. Love Erin's work. She created a very cute music dress just for Chantal last year! And her work right now seems to be branching out. Would love to get one of her romper and tunic top looks!
    Right now we are sticking to dollar store socks (two outfits! lol)
    But later in the spring we'll be thankful again for her lovely dresses for the Dolltown girls...