It's the Sashas!

We invited our Sasha dolls to participate in the River story...


The Sashas were brought down from the attic last year. Biding their time in their own basket.


Where did they come from?

Our family sold Sashas in our book and gift store years ago (way before Dolltown). We loved their universal look, and the quality. So these four are my children's dolls, along with two Sasha babies. These dolls have seen things, heard things, and been steadfast companions, to my kids, and then to each other.


And when my kids left home, their Sashas were tucked safely away. For years. And now...


This spring in Dolltown, we decided they were just right to oversee the children at the River this year. Old enough to take charge! Two of them are heading down there after this Bridge meet up. We want them there before the children show up for their picnic. And to get the canoe ready.


The canoe was in the attic with these Sashas, so it's fitting...

Archie and Channing say see you later to Asia and Bethany. Such a skilled and serene group!

So many adventures and travels with my inventive kids, before their years in the attic.

And their years in the attic! That's a whole other story...

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    April (Monday, 03 April 2017 19:03)

    Now I'm sure the Sasha dolls have quite a story to tell!!!! Ahhhhh.....that could be the subject of a book!!!! They look quite wise, so serene. How noble, how patient of them to quietly sit in the attic waiting for you to resurrect them. And now there's a whole Dolltowm where surely they have a place. All of their experiences can surely be put to good use! But as I begin to think about seems to me your Dolltown is growing by leaps and bounds!

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    Jano (Tuesday, 04 April 2017 12:15)

    Oh yes, stories. My daughter Tasya, owner of the brunette, is now telling me some rather harrowing stories I knew nothing about. Things these Sashas have been through. Where was I? lol I may have to monitor the experiences they will pass on. But I definitely will encourage the "mindfulness" they learned while in the attic.
    Dolltown is not growing a lot (surely these "don't count" lol Because they are Originals). I am like you, satisfied with the abundance and variety I have.
    Just now and then I window shop, for fun.
    Or take another look at old dolls here, not-in-use for some reason. Dolls in potential!
    (Think of all of yours, lying in wait for a while, until Conner showed up!)

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    Sharon in Spain x (Sunday, 09 April 2017 16:20)

    What a nice surprise to see your Sasha dolls participating in your Dollstown blog now!
    They are a handsome bunch too!

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    Jano (Sunday, 09 April 2017 16:27)

    Hi Sharon! So glad you saw this post! I thought of you again! First when I was out in the hills. Then again when I decided these dolls are a good scale for my stories, with the Little Darlings and all! Last time we were at the River we had a Star Wars guy on guard. lol This time I wanted a real...well, a real...person/doll. hahaha It's complex!
    Just having them nearby waiting for photos endeared them to me again! And we have several other dolls who can share clothes with them!
    Definitely more posts coming with the Sashas!